Computer Lessons for the Beginner

How to copy and paste

On computers (does not apply to Apple Computers), there is a CTRL key,
that is short for control.

Computers have either a "mouse", touch pad or tracker ball.

Depending on your settings, you will have a cursor someplace on the
screen. When you move the mouse or other device, the cursor will move.

Dragging is when you hold down the shift key and move the cursor. This will
high light or select text or objects. Usually it will select whatever you drag

To copy the selected items, push the control key and the "C" key. You have
now copied the selected items.

To paste, place your cursor in the desired location. Then press control and
the "V" key. You will see you selected and copied items appear.

If you want to simply remove, do control and "Z". To redo back, do control
and "Y"

To print, do control and "P". To save do control and "S"

There are pull down tabs on the upper left hand side of most programs that
have all these commands. Depending on the tool bar you have, there may
be icons for these also such a the picture of a small printer for print.

When you get to your next area of confusion on the computer, let me know
and I will write a specific set of instructions for you if I know how to.  :-)

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