Conflicts on Earth (Opinion)

It would appear that man is a violent, cruel animal at first glance.

Man is not violent or cruel by nature but he can be pushed into it.

Let see how to do that.

First is, “man must be punished and controlled” or so says any government in
history. Sometimes even your own parents and now your spouse think you
need to be controlled. Free happy people are not violent nor cruel.

So what does an independent free spirit do what he is dominated or nullified?

Domination and nullification produces revolt that is openly or covertly violent.

In today's world, and far back into the past, there have been people trying to
control populations. A few insane little men are trying to profit by their control.
Take Hitler as an example who was financed by

Follow the money: War and Drugs

Who profits from all our wars? Who profits from drugs? Who profits from
suffering and pain? Big industry profits and they are financed by the
international banking community.

Who owns the weapons industry? Who finances the making of cluster bombs?
Who profits from people being ill?

There must be huge profits in war. See this reference since 1776 we have had
21 year of peace, 214 years of war.
Click to view chart.

It filters up to a few insane people that are controlling the
banking industry.
They are attempting the control of this planet. It's not a new theory but it is
more than a theory. Just look around!

The insane think that an ill population would be easier to control. So they feed
you drugs in the water, in the air and relentlessly via drug pushers they
trained, doctors and street pushers. Much of this is done through
governments. Governments are pawns of big industry/
international bankers.

They poison our food by genetically modifying them and saturating them in
toxins. Population control?

They poison the oceans by
dumping millions of gallons of chemicals
“accidentally.” And they continue knowing they are making it worse. Ah but
you must control the rif-raf, us, the population of earth.

They tax us to finance their efforts to dominate the planet, to nullify our ability
to rally as we are struggling financially just to survive!

They have intentionally
dumbed down the populations. They figure keeping us
ignorant will keep us from figuring out their plans of domination!

Part of this is drugging our children. Those few insane would make drug
addicts out of our young. Dependent on drugs, you can't revolt, wouldn't even
think of it. Dependent on drugs, often you don't care, can't think, can't act.

Follow the money: Crime.

Who profits from crime? Governments do. Crime gives an excuse to have
huge police forces. Crime/terrorism gives excuse for huge security forces.
Crime/terrorism gives excuse for trampling human rights.

Crime/terrorism produces huge prison and jail facilities. How better to control a
population than just locking them away. It's being done today in many
countries to people that are not criminals but merely protesters. Crime
produces an excellent excuse to punish which does not work.

Must see video: "
The madness of the Euro" You will see how they are taking
away freedom via the

Follow the money: Insanity.

Who profits from insanity? Big Pharma and the medical community profit from

All of the
psych's treatment of insanity is cruel and ineffective and most often,
extremely harmful! Yet the psychs invent names, syndromes, for normal
human reactions to situations. These invented mental ills, syndromes, give
psychs excuse to push drugs for big pharma. Big pharma is so happy, they will
invent a new drug to treat made up ills. Big pharma will repackage an old drug
to treat the new made up ill. Huge profits for the psychs, for big pharma but not
for the dying patients. See related article:
Psych Syndromes.

Insanity is financed by the international bankers. Insanity is good for
population control!

Follow the money: Disease and Illness.

Who profits from disease and illness? Big pharma and the medical
communities profit from disease and illness. They actively block efforts to
effectively treat body problems. They actively block efforts to prevent disease.

They are supported in these efforts by the international bankers. Disease and
illness are financed by the international bankers!

See related articles at the bottom of the page.

Follow the money: Economic Disaster.

Who profits from economic disasters? The international bankers profit from
economic disasters.

Every foreclosure increases their wealth.

The bailouts increase their wealth and our debt.

Printing endless dollars create profit by going into the pockets of

Currency devaluation, the international bankers cause and control that. When
a currency is strong, they weaken it and buy. When it weak, they buy it and
thus strengthen it. Every billion dollar transaction nets them huge profits. After
all they have an endless supply of money to play with.

The international bankers own/control the currency printing presses of the
world. The international bankers decide how much to print today and which
bank will get our money. In the USA, the
Fed controls this. The Federal
Reserve System is a private international bank, not regulated by the US

The Fed is not even audited unlike all other banks in the US. (Support "
the Fed" by

Must see video: "
The madness of the Euro" You will see how they are taking
away freedom via the

Pretty gloomy right?

It is gloomy but there is hope.

The International Bankers-The Few Insane Who have the

Do you know how many United State Presidents have been shot? Do you
know that they each opposed the idea of a national banks? Watch the video
How to take back Our Country!"

How to handle the causes of conflicts on Earth is simple in theory. It requires
just one thing. Knowledge of the causes of war, crime, insanity, drugs and
economic disasters needs to be spread.

An educated population is not as easily panicked into passing laws to give
away their rights.

An educated population will not support drugging school children in mass.

An educated population will not purchase GMO foods or drink fluoridated

An educated population will stop the chemtrails governments are spraying on

An educated population will not support governments that war on innocents in
other lands.

An educated population will not believe every lie big media is paid to pass on.

An educated population will not submit to toxic vaccines designed to control

An educated population will not accept fiat money but will demand honest

Within the “international bankers” there are only a few truly insane people.
Their staff, employees and associates are all sick and acting insane under the
influence of these few truly insane!

For reference, see the book "
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" John

Additional very revealing video: The International Banking Cartel just to blow.


Now I'm sure many people will disagree with my statements of my opinions.
After all I didn't provide supporting documentation for any of this rant! Either
you can research it and determine if I am correct and pass it on. Or you can
research it and point out the errors of my statements.

Most likely if you disagree, you will do nothing. Doing nothing is exactly what
they, the bankers, the government, big industry, want. Those that seek to
dominate or to nullify are only strong if you do nothing!

The wrong thing to do is nothing.

I hope I'm wrong.

The Internet-One of Mans Best Hopes

The best way to reach many people is via the Internet.  Personally, I believe
Twitter is the best of the best for communicating!

But you can research and start your own blog. Let me know about it and I'll
promote it for you to spread the data.

You can also support organization like
Electronic Frontier Foundation or any
similar group! Research them and decide for you self.

Why Do You Need to ACT? To Communicate!

The future mankind and the future of this planet are at risk. Insane people
destroy out of their insane fear anyone will get stronger. Witness what Hitler
did to Germany. Witness what Hussein did to Kuwait setting fire to all the oil

One insane “leader” can turn Earth into a radioactive cinder in minutes. That
will ruin our playing field, Earth. That will kill off all our children and

If it doesn't go boom, it will die whimpering from toxic air, food, water, land. If
you were looking for hell and found Earth, you would bet it was hell. A Hell on
Earth created by a very few truly insane psychs, industrialist, pharma, bankers-
the would be dictators Earth!

The wrong thing to do is nothing!

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." --
attributed to Edmund Burke

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beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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