(Communicating with your Significant other)

A relationship is all about consideration. What you think, or don’t
think, about the other person.

I’ll give you an example that happened with me when I was texting my

“I cooked Tri Tip on the grill for lunch.”
My wife says “Yum yum, Tri Tip!”
I replied, “I saved you some”.

Here is the point. I started to say “There are some leftovers.”

Impressions? Positive or Negative?

So “leftovers” or “I saved you some”, which do you think would make
the best impression on someone you care about?

Okay guys, I know you’re busy. But when was the last time you
texted your girl a happy face or an “I love you”?

The more you communicate warm, positive things, the better your
relationship will be. The ladies love this (so do the guys)!

Try the Opposite if You Dare!

If you don’t believe this, try the opposite, don’t communicate or say
something really negative like “you are getting fat” or you're "losing
your hair."

Of course you would never do that in your right mind so put just a
little more attention, a little more consideration, and create a
wonderful life with your girl!

There a short video that might inspire you on this:
212 The Extra
Degree Movie.

The Decision For a Future!

And by the way, if you are not married, plan to fix that soon. A
decision takes only an instant.

Dating or just living together simply says I haven’t made of my mind
or I’m afraid to commit. You are not creating a real future either.

I can guarantee that neither of the above relationship considerations
will give lasting happiness. You may want to view my article “
How to
Successfully Find a Spouse

I hope you enjoy the above movie and have a great life with your very
special partner!

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