Contagion, The Theory of

In order to make my point, I must first give you some data. For the
advancement of my theory, please assume it is correct. You do not have to
agree, but stay with me because my theory of contagion, I believe, is the
missing underlying cause of epidemics and all contagious ills. See "
Cures, the
Lack of and Why."

The medical/pharma professions only treat the effects. See "
Editorial Why
Vaccines Do Not Work!"

Just knowing what causes you to get “a cold from your friend” could be
enough to prevent you from catching it.

“Catching it” is a heavily agreed upon reason for illnesses.

So here is the data you need first:

Man, homo sapiens, is a composite. There is YOU, the being. YOU
have a mind. YOU have a body. (The mind has parts but that's another
article :-) For more info,
click here.


Sympathy is one person matching of frequency with another person.  If you
tap a tuning fork and bring it near another, the second fork will vibrate. If you
didn't try this in school, you can use to metal pot lids. Bang one and bring it
close to the other. You will feel the second one vibrate. I just tested this out.


Emotions all have frequency. When you're near an angry person, you may
easily be pulled into being angry too. Fear in one person often breeds fear in
others. I wrote an article giving a specific example about this “
Fear or other
People's Emotions”.

Sympathy is an emotion.

How often have you seen someone ill or dying and felt sympathy? Sadness
can be caused by sympathy!

Illnesses, bacteria, viruses all have frequencies. I haven't inspected it well but I
suspect a broken bone or a roadside death has a “frequency”. I do know that
they put up crosses at the site of deaths and other people wreck and get killed
almost in the same spot. Perhaps it was only the view of the roadside cross. I
believe the death left a "frequency", an energy vibration,  in the location also.


My theory is when you feel sympathy for an ill person that either YOU or your
mind or your body, or all three,  creates the same frequency that ill person has
in your own body. You duplicate the ill persons frequency causing your body
to be at the same frequency.

What about bacteria and viruses?

You have tens of trillions of those in your body ALL THE TIME.

If you set up the same vibration, same frequency, where that bacteria or virus
can thrive, you will get sick. You got that exact frequency from another ill body
and created it in yours. Now the bacteria, virus, fungus etc starts to grow.

Another potential, is you, the being, seeing the other person getting sympathy
knowingly or unknowingly creates the same environment in your body. Then
your body gets ill and you get sympathy. By the way, that's a dirty trick to play
on your friends and family!

And yes! I do believe you can do that.

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Germ theory delusions collapse as new science
reveals healthy people carry 10,000 different germ strains at all times.


Just by knowing that you, your mind or body maybe sympathetic with an ill
person, can allow you to disagree. See my article “
Fear or other People's
Emotions” on how I applied this by clicking here.

Doctors usually don't catch ills because they know more about the body, the
illnesses etc. Their knowledge allows them to be cause. They are not very
sympathetic even when they care deeply.

And after failing to cure any patients, Doctors fall prey to the very ills they are

But, if you can think with this, perhaps you can save yourself from being ill.
See related article "
Medical Doctors, Their Actions."

Heart Attacks, Diabetes, Etc.  

I know everyone as agreed there are mechanical causes.

But what if sympathy preceded those mechanical causes?

Lets say your doing fine in life. Then one day someone you love dies or
someone just jumps all over you, caving you down into a puddle on the floor.
Oh no!

Your normal strength and resistance is down. You become sympathetic with
someone else who is ill, what could happen?

Since this is
only my theory, you will have to examine the above data for truth
and workability.

I know when I realized how this worked mechanically, I became much saner
and safer.

Final Note on “Theory”

You, the being, are much more powerful than anyone every let you image.
You must keep the upsets in your life under control. That is best done by
prevention.  See my article “
Who Has the Right to INSULT You?

You, the being, need to be cause over your life. If there is something you don't
have a good solution on, let me know. I wont tell you the solution but will ask
you questions so that YOU do figure a solution out that can be applied. You
can always do something about it!

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