Crowded Spaces

What is it about crowded spaces that sometimes impact people in a positive way?

What is it about crowded spaces which impact people in negative ways?

Why and how can crowded spaces impact people at all?

And if you live or work in a crowded space, how can you avoid being impacted,

Science doesn't have any good answers for this. There is much science doesn't know
but let us examine what we can experience and agree upon.

If we can experience something, then it is real for us regardless of science. After all, the
Earth is not flat now, is it?

Crowded Space Phenomena

So what can we experience or have we experienced that could explain the “crowded
space” phenomena?

Have you ever walked into a room where there was an upset? Or walked in where you
were pretty certain they had been talking badly about you?

Was the atmosphere pretty “thick” and unpleasant?

Have you ever been near a riot or even seen one on Television? Could you feel the
“tension” or “charge” in the air?

Have you been in some neighborhoods where all was good and some where you kept
looking over your shoulder?

Have you ever been around a person that made you uncomfortable even if they had
nothing to do with you?

On the other hand, have you been around people that made you feel at ease?

Okay, I want to give that feeling, that perception, that uncomfortableness a name. Lets
call it “charge.”   


It's like when someone gets really up set, they are all “charged up!”

There are people that are always charged up, they are insane. They have evil
intentions. They are dangerous. Hitler was one of  these. Our elite, NWO/Banksters,
are all insane! That is not a maybe nor an opinion, they are insane.

You and I can detect and perceive the insanity, the evil, the charge. We might not be
able to name it accurately but we know all is not well.

Another word for "charge" is "case". This is the accumulation of past upsets, pain, etc,
that is used to make others wrong and to dominate others.

What makes a space “crowded”?

At a pleasant party, there may hardly be room to turn around but no one is suffering!

If you go out on the common open ground at a prison, the yard, with a lot of inmates
present, it may be uncomfortable even if no one is close to you personally.

Go to a public hospital, the dying are there with all their upset relatives and the
sometimes crooked staff. It is not a pleasant place!

So what can be done about the “charge” in the environment? How can you best deal
with “crowded spaces”?

Go to the Mountains or Beach

The most effective and only guaranteed method is to get out of the area. Go to the
mountains or beach. I guarantee you will feel better. Sometimes just getting up on the
roof works wonders!

But we can't always do that can we? So how do we move to a position of cause over
charge in the environment?

I wrote a related article which is this phenomena exactly:  “
FEAR or Other's Emotions


So let me state a theory, people create and have fields of energy around them. It's not
really a theory, it's a fact and I can prove it simply. That would take an entire article or a
few seconds in person with you. Some of the fields is good energy, laughter, smiles
and hugs. Some of these fields is hate, insanity, evil, fear, perversion, etc.

When people's “fields” over lap, we experience the other person's field. Have you
hugged a little baby and just felt cozy and warm all over? The baby has a great survival

See the homeless guy (bum) on the street, how is his “field”. No hugs there I bet! He
has too much case all around him!

Crowded Spaces

In really crowded spaced, people often are not doing well in life. Real affluent people
have more space, more room between them and their neighbors.

At an up scale mall, the crowds aren't a real problem. At a down scale section of a large
city, the crowds can feel pretty uncomfortable.

At wedding do you cry when you may hardly know the people getting married. At a
funeral, do you cry when you're there showing respect, not that the deceased was close
to you?

So what can you do about this every time?

Differentiate (notice the differences)

If the answer is yes to either of the above questions then there is strong possibility you
are confusing your emotions, your own charge with the charge or emotions of the other
people present.

So the solution is to realize that what you are “feeling” is not yours. That charge or case
belongs to others!


You do not have to react to other people's feelings of loss, joy or anything else.

It is just like when I was on
the airplane. I knew I wasn't personally or physically afraid
so as soon as I realized I was feeling other's fear of take off, I became cause. When I
became cause, I ceased to be effect of the other's aboard. At that moment, when I
realized this, I no longer felt anxiety or fear!

So when you can't take off for the mountains, you can take a look and see if the
feelings, the charge, you're perceiving or receiving is yours or not. If the charge not
yours, you don't need to be the effect of it!

I never cry at funeral or weddings. Crying at funerals upset the dead! Crying at funerals
upset the living too!

Crying at weddings is silly. Weddings should be happy affairs, not the lose of a son or
daughter! What does crying, an expression of grief, have to do with happiness and
creating a new future?

Related article

I hope this is of some use to you. If you have question or want to tell me I've got loose
marbles, feel free to
contact me.

The following additional information and action is a start in making all spaces more
friendly and warmer!

Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article?
Let me know :-)

"GodFather Advice"
Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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