Cures, The Lack of and Why

Why is the medical and scientific community so unable to effect consistent

Why has billion and billions of dollars gone into cancer research and not
produced a single cure?

It is pretty simple. It is not profitable. See my article:
Conflicts on Earth.


It is interesting on the internet, I've been attacked on 3 or 4 subjects. In each
case the person attacking had vested interest and HAD to attack me for fear
of imagined personal lose.

The validity of vaccines, which I state, do not work. See my
Editorial: Why
Vaccines DO NOT work.

The complete fallacy of obamacare, which is throwing public money at corrupt
"health care" system and tremendously undermining our rights as humans.
See my
Editorial: So You have a Medical Condition.

Global warming, which I state is not caused by man and I truly do not believe
its happening at all. See my article:
Global Warming. Also see Global Cooling
Is Coming -- and Beware the Big Chill, Scientist Warns.

There have been other minor and very insane attacks which aren't worth

I wonder if I'll be attacked for this article as everyone know medicine saves
lives. See related article "
Contagion, The Theory of."

Yes and so it does on an emergency basis in the case of accidents. But for
illnesses and on.

Cancer physician speaks out about cancer fraud!

Wrong Approach

The medical community directed by bigpharma have the wrong idea about
healing and curing.

Killing something with poison, burning it out and or cutting it out, is not a cure.
These methods weaken the body without remedying the original cause.  See
related article:
Is This Fraud Too Big Even For 60 Minutes?

And when they seek to remedy the symptom, its with more poisons and very
often wrong advice to the patients. Cancer is a symptom of an unhealthy

To heal or cure an illness, you must supply the body with what it needs to
repair itself. By the way, food, walnuts, cherries, are not drugs regardless of
the might fda's decrees.

To heal or cure and illness, you must remove things that stress the body. A
partial list: DRUGS, surface scars, chemicals, plastics, heavy metals,
pesticides, fungus, bacteria, viruses, allergens, parasites, radiation, metals
shorting out the nervous system and so on. See related article
Response Testing Seminar Results.

The medical community, with all their test, rarely detect these items that can
inhibit healing and kill bodies.

See related article
Complex vs Simple.

A Testimonial

To given an example, I know a man who was on three different drugs for his
erratic heart beat. I believe that is given the big name atrial fibrillation.

The doctors were trying to control this erratic beat. The drugs WERE NOT
WORKING. These poisons were producing side effects. The doctors were
addressing symptoms and not the cause and they were failing.

The cause was parasites in the man's heart. With some simple supplements,
he was able to rid his heart of the parasites. The heart beat smoothed right
out and he is drug free.

He was not cured or healed. The cause of the symptom was handled by his
See his testimonial.


There are many workable technologies out there. “Workable” in that they aid
you and body to HEAL ITSELF.

I know of no technology that heals a body. I know of no technology that
“cures” a body.


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I'll give you a clue, if you can heal your own body, you can make it ill.

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