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Growing Pains… Ease Them Naturally

Let’s face it, we parents don’t want our kids to be in pain and when it occurs,  
we want that pain to go away fast.  But, do we really want to teach our
children to reach for a bottle of pills every time they have an ache or a pain?  
Personally, I want my child to be as drug free as possible.

That is why I reach for a topical natural pain reliever when my children have
a body ache or pain.

One of the times that a natural pain relief remedy might be necessary during
a child’s growing years is when they are in a growth spurt.  During this time,
children can experience growing pain.

Two common growth spurts usually begin between the ages of 3 and 5 and
then between 8 and 12. It usually is within these two age groups that growing
pains are most common. It is interesting to note that growing pains occur less
frequently in those children that are less active

    Growing pains are not a chronic pain.  The
    pain occurs mainly in the evenings and at
    night.  Sometimes the pain will wake a child
    from sleep.  

    In the book, “What’s Happening to my body?”
    by Lynda Madaras, the author states that
    growing pains are “a dull, painful, achy
    feeling.  Often felt behind the knee, in the
    thigh, or along the shin.  They may also occur
    in the arms, back, groin, shoulders, or ankles.  
    Doctors don’t really know what causes growing

So what causes growing pains? Some sources say that the cause is the fact
that bones and muscle grow at different rates. During a growth spurt, the
pains tend to come more often and may be more severe because bone
growth and muscle growth are temporarily out of sync.

Some sources state that growing pains are not caused by growth, but they
do cease when growing stops. The growth rate slows from three years of age
on wards and only picks up again with the onset of puberty.

Growing pains do not cause limping.  If your child is experiencing major,
chronic pain, it is not simply growing pains and you should consult your
health practitioner for advice.

Although experts cannot seem to agree on exactly what causes growing
pains, they do all seem to agree that a warm bath, stretching, massage and
an analgesic might be helpful.  They also agree that growing pains are not
dangerous and eventually go away.  As a mom, my suggestion is to always
reach for the most natural pain relief product you can find.

Judy Cutler, mom, proud grandma and inventor of “Naturally Painless,” a
natural pain remedy says, “We encourage our children to eat fresh fruits and
vegetables instead of “junk foods so that their bodies grow strong and
healthy. So, it only makes sense that when they are in pain, we provide them
with safe, natural solutions that don’t create undesirable side effects that they
suffer with later on.”

Judith Cutler has been a nutritionist in the L.A. area for 20 years and a
natural products developer. She is the founder of BioTech Solutions

(818) 249-4122

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