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Vibrational Health...History and Application.
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Obscenely Fabulous...

Hi, Judy,

I just have to give you TESTIMONIAL #2!!  Yesterday I went for my semi-annual
checkup with my breast cancer doctors.  The hematology oncologist orders blood
tests and a liver scan every year to monitor the state of my health.  He is a young,
energetic, positive man who always makes me laugh.  When he came in to the room,
he said "I want you to know that your blood tests are obscenely fabulous!  I cannot
remember the last time I had someone have blood tests that are ALL, in every
category, within the normal range.  It has been a very, very long time. Here, look at
your CA 27.29---it is a 10.  That is unheard of."  Besides great blood tests, the liver
scan was great, too. For the last 4 years, I have been having liver CT scans and
each time there have been 2 tiny, benign cysts in the liver.  This time they are gone!

I will guarantee you that these changes are a result of your nutritional program.  
Once again, thank you so-o-o much for all you do for me.

After I left the hematology oncologist's office, I stopped to visit with the dietitian who,
also, works at the Cancer Center.  She and I have discussed alternative medicine on
several occasions.  She is a advocate of alternative medicine, even though she
works for the Cancer Center.  I wanted her to have the info that I have just given you.  
She asked for your information so that she could pass it along to anyone who might
be interested.  Her name is Mary Kay Holloway.  Hopefully, some of her patients will
contact you for more info.

Donna Van Weelden

Mysterious Problem...

I know that you may have wanted to go on with more treatments after the "Smooth
Sailing ", but despite the abbreviated program, I am very happy with the results.
For the first time ever I have found someone who can treat the mysterious problem
that I had been experiencing for 3 1/2 years!

I have been to several doctors and one other nutritionist and had no results much
less a correct diagnosis.

I have recommended your service to two other people and feel confident that they
would have their particular body situations handled.

Thank you very very much.!!

Mary Church

Energy and Digestion

"Right now, for the first time in my life, it's finally real to me that I can go up...What
has changed is that I handled major digestive problems that I had since high school
and inability to sleep well and low energy...I accomplished this all with the great care
and precision of Judy Cutler at Biotech Solutions. When I started working with Judy,
my body was in sad shape... I was so tired that I had real trouble...I couldn't digest
any vitamins. Last Saturday, with 11 hours of great sleep...My body is handled and
healthy...This is an amazing nutritional tech! If you're frustrated with body problems
that are stopping you, I highly recommend calling Judy at Biotech Solutions. This
stuff really works."


Weakness, Dizzy and Pain from Bacteria and Parasites...

I work hard at staying in good health. I usually feel quite energetic and happy. Just
following what I thought was a good diet, doing detoxifications regularly, lots of
exercise and following a spiritual path I was growing older but feeling quite young.

But I have had several crises that Judy always bails me out. Just recently I was tired
all the time, I was losing strength and energy, feeling very dizzy and had pain. I knew
I was quite sick and of course was very concerned. I thought maybe I had a disease.
So I called Judy and gave her my symptoms. I immediately felt very hopeful because
I knew Judy would handle this crisis.

And she did! I had changed my diet quite radically doing a lot of dairy products
and to much honey. I was full of bacteria and parasites and had a mineral and
vitamin deficiency. In 24 hours with Judy's formula I was amazingly better!

And that's my success story.     Vicki McGlynn


Any of you who have seen me in person, know that I couldn't be considered
"overweight" by any stretch. BUT, in the last several years I developed some extra
flesh ('how's that for an understatement', she said to herself) around the mid-section
(ALL the way around it) to the point that bending over to put socks on, took a definite
effort...As this body is hung on a 5'5" narrow frame, it didn't look too good and it was

I had heard so many success stories from people who had done Judy's unique
program that I decided to try it and I'm SO glad I did!  I went from 141 lbs to my
current weight of 128 lbs, which has stayed stable!!! and it only took 2 months.  I am
so happy : )

So if you have a similar problem or other body probs which you haven't been able to
resolve, I strongly recommend that you give Judy's program a try.  (The only benefit I
get from this referral is hearing that your situation got handled!)  Beside having a
program that works, you get the added bonus of working with an awesome Being
named Judy Cutler!

Judy is located in Glendale but she can work with you no matter where you are.  Her
number is:  818-353-7454

Much love,


Your formula saved the day (well, actually, evening) for me!  My husband and I
always look forward to our favorite charity’s annual award dinner – it is so uplifting
and positive, albeit a long evening.  I was dragging my body around – the event was
in a few days and when I received your analysis, I totally knew why and thought
“How am I going to make it to the event?”  But … BioTheta (BioTech) Solutions to
the rescue!  In only two days, I was back on track, energy and lifeforce good!  I was
lively and upbeat for the event and lasted the entire evening without that awful
“dragging” feeling – your formulas work wonders – always!

Judy Taylor

70s and Incontinence

I want to heavily validate Judy Cutler for her health handlings.  I am in my 70's and
things will come up.  One of them was, yes, incontinence.  Within one month it was
handled.  They can't even do this in the so-called medical profession.  Before that I
had a mild case of edema, ankles swelling, and that was handled in two months.  
Then there was the blood sugar level because I want to prevent Diabetes and she
balanced that one out.  I could go on and on.  I have been using her for over two
years. I will be living in this body, comfortably, for a long time to come because of
her technology.

Sunja Svensen (Ackerman)


I walked today with my husband, Robin, all the way to parking lot, chatting the entire
way up the slight hill.  

When we got to the car, suddenly we realized I hadn’t had to stop to rest at all, was
not tired, not out of breat – as I had been until recently walking this tretch – and
basically had no attention on anything but our conversation the entire way.

I said, “ You realize, that this is the results of Judy Cutler’s program!”  And Robin
exclaimed, “ Of course it is – you’re absolutely right!”

Thank you, Judy, for your miraculous method of finding the true cause of this body
problem and applying the correct handling to seamlessly resolve it… No medico
had a clue!

I recommend you and BioTech Solutions to anyone who mentions to me that they
have attention on a body problem that hasn’t resolved.


Carrie Alkins

Severe Mecical Crisis

I called Judy because of a severe medical crisis and asked for her help.

She listened with great compassion and offered to help me.  She did an evaluation
n me and sent me her BioTech Solutions.

I have been on them to this day and have slowly but surely not only improved, but
the pain I was having during the crisis has disappeared.  The medical field never
found a cause of my illness so I was never treated by them.

I credit Judy and a lot of prayers to my healing.

Bless you, Judy!

More Testimonials to come!

Vibrational Health...History and Application.
Vibrational Nutrition….. Health Through Energy.

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