Vibrational Health…Its History & Application

Here’s some history on the application of Vibrational Health that you might find quite

In the early part of the 20th century, there were some brilliant researchers who proved
this theory to be valid.

One of them was Georges Lakovsky, who was awarded the Legion of Honour by the
French government in 1925. His fundamental scientific discovery was that “every living
organism emits radiation ( energy sent out in rays.)

According to Lakhovsky, the nucleus of a living cell could be compared to an electrical
circuit that produces alternating  currents capable of working like radio transmitters and

Years later, British scientist, Roger Coghill, extended that observation to suggest that
the DNA molecule of the body was the ideal shape ( a spiral ) for a radio transmitting
aerial that tells an organism how to grow from its genes and acts like an energy
message radiod from the DNA “radio station."

Lakovsky’s conclusion, from the research done, was that life or disease amounted to a
‘war of radiations’ between the body’s cells and microbes (microscopic invading
organisms)…And if the radiation of the microbes win, disease and death result, but if
the cell’s own energy transmissions win, then health and life is preserved. This is the
Energetic view of disease.

We now have instruments developed which detect biological
energy fields.

In 1925, the Dutch physician, Willem Einthoven, discovered electrical discharges from
the heart for which he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Today, doctors routinely use Electrocardiograph devices to detect heart irregularities
since each heartbeat is the result of an electrical discharge within the heart muscle. The
Electro-encephalogram, developed in 1971, is an instrument that shows the changes in
the electrical potential produced by the brain.

Life Energy-Chi

In Ancient Chinese medical theory, Life Energy is called Chi and it constantly flows in
and around the body.

Blockages and disruptions of the free flow of Chi is considered the basis of disease.
They have utilized Acupuncture for thousands of years as their medical tech for
unblocking and balancing the flow of Chi through the invisible energy channels that they
call Meridians, which run through and around the body.

The oldest surviving system of Vibrational Health, even preceding the Ancient Chinese
is the Ayurvedic healing tradition in which the universal energy, which the Chinese call
Chi, is known as Prana.

That which the Chinese call Meridians, the Indian system instead refers to as Chakras.
These are the channels by which the life giving Prana Energy enters and leaves the
body and influences our bodily functions and vitality.

So, although the instrumentation for precisely and accurately detecting these energies
may be new and the technological advances which enable us to measure and correct
the disturbances or disruptions in the body’s electrical fields is relatively recent, the
knowledge and utilization of these phenomena as a successful nutrition practice date
back thousands of years.


Homeopathy is another valid health therapy that addresses the electrical energy
aspects of disease manifestations.

It was developed over 200 years ago and it works by administering highly potentized
dilutions of exact informational fields to the disturbed or diseased body part or whole

These remedies are the electrical fields of plants, minerals, herbs, etc., that are highly
diluted and held in a carrier base of distilled water, then “potentized” to turbo-charge

It then transmits the correct energetic information to all the cells and tissues of the body
simultaneously. It’s like using a “tuning fork” to bring musical instruments into harmony
with each other, but it’s doing it with the cells of the body.

The reason that water is the perfect vehicle to accomplish this transmission is explained
by basic chemistry-----The H2O molecules have a positive charge at one end and a
negative charge at the other end, which cancels each other out, thereby making the
molecules electrically neutral.

This causes them to behave like tiny magnets and tag together in clusters. These
clusters are capable of picking up and carrying the electromagnetic information of the
therapeutic substances imprinted upon them like signals on magnetic tapes or discs.

The solution is “actually transmitting the correct informational instructions to the cells to
correct the condition.” Also, the composition of the human body is almost 70% water, so
it readily receives these instructions in this form and doesn’t have to work to break
down and digest them the way it does with pills.

Water Solution

Whatever is in the water solution after the chemical substance is diluted out is what
carries its recognizable energetic properties, thereby creating a heallth process that is
safe, effective and natural.

So, why aren’t most Americans enjoying the benefits of this high tech merger of
electrical field detection and measuring instrumentation with thousands of years of
successful application of Vibrational Nutrition?

Well, it’s because the 20th Century ushered in the mixed blessing of patentable drugs,
which produce huge profits that these time honored solutions do not.  

This is not to deny the remarkably life-saving benefits of some of these drugs like
penicillin and others, but this new stampede to find and patent the next “silver bullet”
carried with it the practice of suppressing and invalidating these other gentler and
more natural solutions.

Judith Cutler has been a vibrational nutritionist in practice for 20 years.

Judy is the founder of
BioTech Solutions and a natural products developer with
clients worldwide

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