Vibrational Nutrition…Health Through Energy

This is the first in a series of articles that are designed to help you
understand the basics of Vibrational Nutrition. This subject can appear to be
complex to some because it runs directly up against some firmly held, but
false ideas about this subject of bodies and health.

Here is a very different, but very valid concept of biology than what has been
promoted over the past 75 years; it is that of “Information Fields.” And it
greatly impacts the realm of health.

A field is a space within which magnetic or electrical lines of force are active.
The word information comes from Latin informare, which means to give form
to. Information fields create reality, they put it together and hold it there as it
should be…It’s what makes a bowl a bowl and a flower a flower.

Everything in the physical universe, including our bodies, is composed of
energy and information.

So, disease could then be re-defined as a disruption, distortion or
interference arising within the information or energy fields of the body. A
virus, or a parasite or even a cancer, are just information fields.

A most effective way to approach disease would be to correct these
disturbances or change the information, which would eliminate the
disharmonious energy creating the disease manifestation and, thereby, bring
about health.  This process is called Vibrational Nutrition or Energy Nutrition.

Health then becomes a process of gently bringing the correct energy or
vibration to the distressed area of the body or the whole organism, which
neutralizes the disharmony and allows the body to heal itself.

This method greatly differs from the conventional practice of using chemicals
to violently suppress the disease symptoms. These symptoms are only the
body’s distress signals, much like the lights that appear on your dashboard to
warn you there is a problem with your car.  The symptoms, such as
headache, rash, fever, etc., are also the body’s “fight back” mechanism,
which is attempting to resolve the problem.

The conventional healing view that we’ve grown up with and that has
dominated Western medicine over the last 75 years is based upon
biochemistry (the science that deals with the chemical processes of the body
and treating them with chemical, laboratory produced substances.

The vibrational view deals with the energy or electrical processes of the body
and restoring its health and vitality by balancing and correcting them.

Judith Cutler has been a vibrational nutritionist in practice for 20 years.

Judy is the founder of
BioTech Solutions and a natural products developer
with clients worldwide

Call Judy for a free 10-minute phone consolation! 1-818-353-7454

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Fortify Your Body's Immune System Against
the Possibilities Of Getting the Flu this Winter!

Recently the media has bombarded us over the airwaves with threats of
pandemic viruses. This is not the first of these events to occur.

There was the Swine Flu,the Bird Flu  (also known as the Asian Flu) and, of
course, the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic.

The broad-scale upset that is caused by this broadly publicized threat throws
people into fear and focuses their attention on the body and its potential
demise or, at the very least, great suffering, and the loss of production and

The most productive way to be on top of the situation is to focus on
something YOU can do to fortify the glands and organs of your immune
system so that any invading organism cannot survive in your body. This
includes testing the thymus gland, the spleen, adrenals and the lymphatic
system and fortifying them. At BioTech Solutions, we also check for the
presence of bacteria and viruses currently in your body.

This is accomplished through a nutritional analysis and a customized formula
to strengthen and fortify your Immune System and to provide an internal
environment that is very "unwelcoming" to invading organisms.

We've created "The Peace of Mind Special" for only $85 (plus Tax/S/H) with
the purpose of boosting your body to allow it to avert this threat entirely or
greatly minimize its impact if you are exposed.

I hope that you take advantage of this special for yourself and for your family.
It is a far less expensive solution than waiting until the flu strikes and then
dealing with its effects.

Call BioTech Solutions to schedule your personalized formula!  

BioTech Solu
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