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Imprinting Water with Energy Signals Can
Produce High Levels of Health

Most of us are aware of the fact that everything in the Physical Universe is
composed of energy…The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we
drink, our thoughts and our bodies, as well as the environment in which we
live, is concentrated energy fields existing at different frequencies.

Energy exists everywhere as potential, and when in motion, it creates
“fields.” A “field” is simply a space within which electrical or magnetic lines
of force are active or energetic. Like all material objects, our bodies radiate
and absorb frequency waves of energy.

Couple the above data with the fact that water comprises 70% of our body’s
composition and it is vital to the survival, not just the health of the body.  
Our bodies can live for over forty days without food, but only three days
without water.  

Pure Water

    As we know from chemistry class, pure water,
    H2O, consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded
    to one atom of oxygen. This water molecule
    has an instability factor and it seeks to bond
    with other molecules.

    Now, here’s the exciting news…  One of the
    inherent properties of the water molecule is
    that it has the ability to record or capture and
    then transmit the signals of biochemical
    substances such as herbs, minerals and plants
    by bonding with these substances under very
    specific circumstances or with the help of very
    specific procedures. When this occurs, or is
    produced, the water becomes a very powerful
    agent for providing all the necessary materials
    to enable the body to heal itself!

Vital Energy

In other words, the vital life force energy of the plants, minerals and herbs is
captured within the water and the water is the carrier base used to deliver
these essential nutrients to the cells and tissues where they are needed and
can be utilized immediately. This is very good news for people who don’t like
to swallow pills or capsules and then hope that their digestive systems will
break them down so that the nutrients can be assimilated at the cellular level.
It’s particularly great for children who have trouble swallowing pills and don’t
want to take something that tastes bad.

"Magic Water"

The children for whom we’re made these enhanced waters really like taking
them and call them “Magic Water!”  

Yes, this actually means that we can drink enhanced water containing the
energetic signals of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and hormones
that nature provides in the form of plants, minerals and herbs…And the
energetic signals within this water cause the desired nutritional changes
within our bodies as if the substances (the herbs, minerals, plants, etc.) were
actually present.

This is an exciting research discovery that gives new meaning to the time
honored ritual of Toasting or “Drinking to Your Health.” Cheers!

Judith Cutler has been a nutritionist in the L.A. area for 20 years and a
natural products developer. She is the founder of BioTech Solutions

(818) 249-4122
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Recently the media has bombarded us over the airwaves with threats of
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There was the Swine Flu,the Bird Flu  (also known as the Asian Flu) and, of
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The broad-scale upset that is caused by this broadly publicized threat throws
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The most productive way to be on top of the situation is to focus on
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