Saturday, June27, 1998


I'm up here in Maine.

It's nice up here.  This morning there isn't a cloud in the sky.  The air
Is clean and fresh.  There is a haze over the nearby pond as the sun comes
up over the surrounding pines.

Off in the distance to the south is a large flock of geese migrating
Back north. It is still early enough for their sound to carry through the
1/2 mile from them to me.

The neighboring farm is having new fencing put in for their horses.  
This Time he's using Vinyl . No more weeks of painting.  No more 48 hours of nausea
After the painting.  This fence will remain white and clean till the planet
blows or he dies or both.  He can pay the neighbor kids $2. 00/hour to
clean it off with soap and water.

Their mother will offer to have them do it for free just so they get clean.
The guy inherited millions.  It's the topic of much conversation in the
Cumberland/Fallmouth area.
He got it from a lonely old maid he took care of
simply out of kindness and devotion to her horses.
It’s a bit out of character for him.
He isn’t attracted to women, young or old.
He likes men.

He did such a good job, she willed it all to him so he could continue
to care for her horse farm.

Now he’s all set AND of late quite grouchy.
She got him.

Somewhere over the trees and a ways through I can hear a singular train whistle.
It crawls through Portland like a resentful centipede.
There’s no one on the tracks to toot at.
The sound alone is burrowing his way through time.
The conductor will remember going through Portland.

Its echo carries it through the woods with a near surrealistic

It doesn’t take much to wonder why in the hell people came here in the
First place to live.

The soil is rocky and tough to farm.  Nothing up here is flat.
Houses and schools often exist on a "do the best you can with what
you've got" basis.

For excitement the kids chase each other through the tall grass or
throw dirt clods at passing tractor-trailers.
Some go fishing.  Some work with their parents on the farm or with the
neighbor’s horses.

I suppose they dream at night of escaping this realm for bigger more compacted
areas.  You would have to if your need to accomplish things exceeded raising
horses and moving hay.
But along with that dreaming will be an asterisk by the statement
"  I hope Mom & Dad keep the place so I can come home!”

Its at least 20 minutes highway drive to the nearest town if you want more
than a town hall and a post office / general store.

Everybody seems to have enough space to interact and if need be, go off
their own corner to regroup.  Most people here are on first impression
open to
someone new.
They don’t go out of their way to make you comfortable but neither
will you be caught short in a pinch.

The group dynamic up here is very uncompressed .
People get things done. It's a business like group that carries on
with the tacit agreement that May through October is a time for
getting things completed.

Overall there seems to be little interest or habit in time wasted in
lower emotional states.
"Thehya's Wuhk  ta be done, enjoy it or don’t, but get on with it.
Y'ull be betta off findin sumthin' ye like aboat it, makes ya less  tiahd!"

It's a tradition that answers the question of
"Why are people up here?”

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I'm Up Here in Maine
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I'm Up Here in Maine
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