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Ratomir-Rale Damjanovic

Bio and list of Works
    Ratomir (Rale) Damjanovic (1945) a graduate of the University of Belgrade,
    majoring in the Yugoslav and World Literature. He has written numerous
    books of short stories, novels, and essays, awarded with several
    prestigious literary awards.

    He has been translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek and
    Slovenian. One of the most outstanding radio reporters and editors, he
    published numerous works treating linguistics, cultural, social and political
    issues during the tumultuous years in Yugoslavia and the Balkans.

    Translated and published on two continents and the Internet, R. Damjanovic
    has a large number of followers, and admirers both with his generation and
    the younger ones, due to his good-natured (at times o’henry-esque) and
    sometimes dry humor born out of everyday situations, combining a well
    measured emotion with wisdom, traditional values with courage for new
    ideas and magnanimous dreams in the “small”, least expected people and
    characters. His texts read easily and with great satisfaction because the
    love for life and people illuminates all he touches. A master of mood and
    atmosphere, his knowledge of great literature, music, art and culture as a
    whole, as well as the grandeur and beauty of nature, makes the reader feel
    directly and personally addressed while embraced within the human family.

    His message is positive, enlightening and subtle.

Here are some of his stories:
"The Ascension Day" or "Snake Brandy"
Johnny's Solo
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