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Did the Tudors take over England
in a coupe?
(If so, historians are missing
coupe data.)

[Notes for the pun-challenged: A sedan ("see, Dan") has four doors. A coupe has two--hence is a Tudor, which is a
dynasty that once ruled England (included Henry VII and Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I). Since there's no data
that they took over in a coupe (no such car having yet been invented), if they did, historians are missing it. And that
means they're missing coupe data (or coup d'etat--a bloodless takeover, literally a blow of state), a visual pun
weakened as audio by the fact that the "p" in coup is silent, while the "p" in coupe is loud and clear. As you all know,
some p's are noiser than others. (And that's another pun. It suggests that psychiatrists and psychologists take silent
pees. While sighing audibly?) And "d'etat" is weakened VISUALLY, but strengthened auditorily (is that a word?) by the
fact that "d'etat" is prounced day-tah (or, almost, data).]

[A dynasty is called a dynasty because when a Monarch leaves behind many potential inheritors for his throne, usually
some die nasty deaths.]

"Agon": Greek for conflict.
"Pent": Held in, not released.
"Pentagon": Conflict that isn't allowed
to go away.

[Note: Our military-industrial complex seems to prefer to have a war going on, hot or cold. Some would argue it's really
the intelligence-industrial complex. Some military higher-ups prefer peace, and we've usually had relatively peaceful
periods with ex-generals as president. They've seen enough of war.

But I think it's fair to say the Pentagon is part of a complex organization that has vested interests not necessarily shared
by most of the citizens of this nation. It was wonderfully opportune, the way our leaders and talking heads, after being
staggered (caught with their war down) by the sudden disappearance of the Cold War, when the much bally-hooed
Soviet might went bankrupt--wonderfully opportune how, after a bit of waffling, they were able to pull out of their hats (or
other less aromatic orifices) this War on Terrorism, a war that, almost by definition, can never end.

That seems to have been the game for a long time, by the way: To create a war that can go on indefinitely, requiring
vast expenditures on weaponry and other military-related products (and profits for those who produce them and their
symbiotes) that never end. After all, something like World War II is too much--might destroy everyone's profits. And live
slaves are more useful than dead ones...if only slightly. But a COLD WAR with lots of little offshoot wars far away in the
"third world"--that can go on forever, they (some they, the "they" that has usurped that pronoun) hoped.

A War on Terror has zero limits. One can always create more terrorists. In fact, everything we do to defeat terrorists is
likely to create more. And in the absence of "real" terrorists, we can always blow something up and attribute it to
terrorists--as Goering and Hitler well knew.

Our pentagony goes on (agon and agon, a gun and a gun, aggh! Never a gain?)]

[Note: As you probably know, the actual derivation of "Pentagon" = five (penta) corners or angles (the "gon"). It's about
a building, not our pent up conflicts, nor is it the price tag on my pen.]

Dean Blehert
http://deanotations.blogspot.com (short poems)
http://dearreader08.blogspot.com (essays and longer poems)
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