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I thought I'd try writing from a different point of view.
My wife approved but she's biased. What do you think!?


Rose, my girlfriend, and I like the beach, lots of men there
We go every weekend we can spare, just look and stare
What is it about the human male, so delicious they look?
Rose points one out to me, I start to look and knew I hooked!

Mom told me to find a good man when I grow up, now I’m grown
I have done a lot of looking, searching, this man I’ll have for my own
I watched him standing there, wanting him, I could not look away
So strong, handsome, I knew I was starting to sway

My heart was racing, body getting hot, how does he do this to me
I started to walk towards him, looking his way, demanding he see
He looked my way, I saw him grin, flushing I started to falter
His eyes drew me; smiling licking my lips,

I knew I’d take him to the alter

He’s sweet, handsome and alluring. I want him, I can’t stay away
He’s hot, kind and delicious. Delicious! I’m going to have my way
So he’s pulled me into his trap, rather I jumped in
I don’t understand but I’m keeping him.

The End!

©2009 Carl Watts

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