Comments by Carl:

If you have children or know someone who does,
you must check out this school.

Four year old children rapidly learning to read,
doing math. In a few years, they can solve math on
the computer and type in the answer
faster than
you can think up the answer no matter how good
you were in math.
I challenge you on this.

Their reading skills by middle school surpass most

Have any child who has been there for a little while
demonstrate their ability. These children are able!

Let me give you some more data that I know from
first hand experience. I worked at Delphi for over
11 years, my deceased wife, LaVonne worked
there for over 22 years. I've had 3 daughters and
my daughter-in-law that worked at Delphi over the
years. I currently have 2 grandchildren attending
Delphi and a daughter and a granddaughter
working for the school.

Pick student at Delphi to demonstrate their
reading or math ability. They will floor you!

Based on my personal knowledge, no Delphi
graduate has ever become a drug addict; no
Delphi graduate has ever been to or is in prison.
How many other schools could say this?!?!

There were never any drugs on campus while I was
there nor before or since to my knowledge. There
was never any gang activity. There was never a
handgun or rifle found on the campus. It's a very
safe sane place.

So, do I boast too much? I think not. Go see for
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