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2009 Graduate Sean Baaska Martin
I tend to liken the quest for education to walking down a dark forest path with only primitive means of creating light.  An
individual can travel down this path in countless different ways.  Some of his lessons are learned through trial and error, where he is both
teacher and student, lighting his own way down the path toward his goal.  Later in life, however, the road can become too dark and windy
to travel alone, and he will need a teacher who has been down this path before.  No matter how many times he asks the teacher to light
the path, however, the teacher will not budge.  His teacher is not there to light the way for him, but to give him the flint and steel needed to
light his own fire to illuminate his way toward his goal of knowledge.

Along his road, he may despair.  He may stray from his path, following some false light, or illusions of grandeur.  His torch may be
doused by vice, causing him to sit down on the road with his goal far from his mind.  But he will find that he need not despair, for there
are more people who support him than he knows.  His path, which he once foolishly thought was void of companions will be filled with his
teachers, his family, his friends and the people who love him, each one holding a torch to help him find his way again.  They will pick him
up, brush him off and send him back on his mission with a bounce in his step and his goal back in mind.  He has experienced ethics.

There are other ways he can be led off his road.  He will often be tempted to stray from his path by those who proclaim they know
the fastest way.  These will-’o-the-wisps, despite their good intentions, can lead him into a bog and leave him to wallow in the muck to
contemplate his folly in leaving his own path.  This traveler, however, knows what he knows, and is not willing to leave his path into the
trap he knows is waiting.  He holds fast to what he knows is right, because he has integrity.

And with the tools he has gained and the lessons he has learned along his path, he will achieve his goal and set out on a new
path.  He will travel road-to-road, path-to-path, following his goals and achieving them one by one.  And he will change.  He will glow
brighter; his torch will outshine all of those around him.  He will look behind him as he walks and see that his path is no longer empty.  It
will be filled with those who follow his light within the dark forest of the world, like moths drawn to a flame.  And at that point he will have
become a leader.  And his followers will crowd around him, begging him for his light, but out of kindness he will refuse them.  Instead, he
will give them the same flint and steel that was given to him by his teacher, knowing that this will serve them better than any light he has to

I have now finished my longest trek so far.  I have learned many things along the way, and now I am embarking on a new path.  I
have my knowledge, ethics, integrity and leadership to light my way down this winding road toward the future.  I have learned some
lessons, and I am ready to learn some more.  Along the paths I will follow in my life, I know I will be a little brighter for each path I have
completed, and by the end of my life, I know I will be glowing.  Thank you.

(Sean Baaska Martin)

This speech was delivered by my grandson on June 13th, 2009. Young people like this give much more hope to the future. As a former Delphi Staff
Member, an employee for 11 yrs, I can truly tell you, you need to get your child into this school! Carl the Poet Grandfather, Educator!
More pictures of
Sean, click here.

11/4/09 Follow up. Sean is a chef which has been his goal forever. He has a blog.
Click here to view!
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