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July 13, 2009

We have been involved with our children’s education from the time they were toddlers. We have one son and one daughter and both
were home schooled from the age of 3. Both learned how to read and write before the age of 5. They excelled in all subjects and did
well. But the home schooling experience lacked the interaction with other kids their age in both studies and other activities. We enrolled
them in an Applied Scholastics school, and their studies and overall character improved, but we were looking for a larger school with
more facilities and more diverse age groups.

So we checked out many schools, both Applied Scholastics and others in Las Vegas, but we could not find anything that would suit us
and our needs for improving them in a holistic sense. We decided to travel to Los Angeles and San Diego to see if there were any good
private schools to enroll in. We were willing to purchase or rent a second home in San Diego or Los Angeles if the right school could be
found. After taking tours of dozens of schools, we finally decided on
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles. This school had the Applied
Scholastics technique and program we wanted. It was also large with good facilities and a great staff and administration. We wanted the
Applied Scholastics program because it uses the great study technology and allows students to work independently and progress at
their own pace. This allowed our children to be placed at academic levels where they could be challenged and not simply put in a grade
level that matched their chronological ages. Children who are not challenged and placed at the appropriate grade level will become
bored. This cannot happen at Delphi, where children are placed in levels according not to their ages but to their ability.

Both of our children have done very well at
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles. They improved tremendously in their overall character,
personality and leadership skills. Earlier, they had great difficulty speaking in public or making speeches. Now they are very comfortable
and outstanding public speakers. Our son recently graduated from Delphi at the age of 16 and was accepted to the prestigious
University of Southern California (USC). Our daughter is now in Form 7 (11th grade) and is only 12 years old.
                                                                                                                   D. S.

If you have children or know someone who does, you must check out this school.

Four year old children rapidly learning to read, doing math. In a few years, they can solve math on the computer and type in the answer
faster than you can think up the answer no matter how good you were in math. I challenge you on this. Their reading skills by middle
school surpass most adults. Again, have any child who has been there for a little while demonstrate their ability. These children are able!

Let me give you some more data that I know from first hand experience. I worked at Delphi for over 11 years, my deceased wife,
LaVonne worked there for over 22 years. I've had 3 daughters and my daughter-in-law that worked at Delphi over the years. I currently
have 2 grandchildren attending Delphi. Pick anyone of these and their ability will floor you! To see one of my grand children's graduation
pictures and read his speech,
click here!

Based on my personal knowledge, no Delphi graduate has ever become a drug addict; no Delphi graduate has ever been to or is in
prison. How many other schools could say this?!?!

There were never any drugs on campus while I was there nor before or since to my knowledge. There was never any gang activity. There
was never a handgun or rifle found on the campus. It's a very safe sane place.

So, do I boast too much? I think not. Go see for yourself!
Deb Schreib

Delphi Academy
11341 Brainard Avenue
Lake View Terrace, CA 91342
(T) 818-583-1070 (F) 818-583-1082

See my
Grandson's graduation speech, my Granddaughter's speech
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