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I graduated from Delphi Academy of Los Angeles in 2000 with the aim of becoming a physician. This May 2009 I graduated from the
Medical College of Wisconsin with an MD and have since started my obstetrics and gynecology residency at Penn State University
Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  It has been a long nine years but well worth the effort.

    From college and graduate school in California to medical school in Wisconsin, I
    immersed myself in the life sciences. I spent countless hours constructing organic
    compounds, culturing stem cells, and dissecting human organs, intent on gaining a
    certainty of the human body and its maladies.  Now having completed my formal
    schooling, I am capable of looking back on those nine years of endless lectures,
    painful exams, and hectic on-call nights, to discern why I even made it here. One
    word says it all: Delphi.

    Not a single day has gone by since graduating from Delphi when I haven't used a skill
    or ability I gained from Delphi's amazing curriculum. The discipline to be a self-
    motivated and effectual learner is my most prized and useful skill as its core is the
    tried-and-true study method advocated at Delphi. Actually being able to thoroughly
    understand a topic and mentally construct its correlations to other fields of knowledge
    separated me from my classmates who focused on bulk memorization for the end
    goal of passing a test. Those classmates either failed or just plain missed the point.
    Because of Delphi I wanted more. This education was for me and I knew exactly how
    to make the most of it.
    Although my nine years since graduating from Delphi have been rife with tests and
    textbooks, I have also spent them working hand-in-hand with others, using the
    communication, logic, and leadership skills so ingrained in a Delphi graduate.
    Because of this training, I felt at ease leading a team of health professionals to
    establish afood bank for the Wisconsin poor as well as helping the staff of a small
    Tanzanian hospital to treat its diverse patient population. The skills to communicate
    effectively, organize projects and resolve a group's down-trending statistics are
    always at my disposal because of my Delphi education and I'm lucky for it. So when I
    consider how I want my future children to be educated, I know that test scores and
    college placements are just a few of the factors I  will consider when looking at a
    school. I know that I want my children to become the passionate, intelligent, and
    ethical citizens of this world that Delphi is producing every day.

All the best to you and your amazing school.

Much Love,

Dr. Michael Mitri

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Testimonial from Dr. Michael Mitri,
Class of 2000
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