"Dee...pression" or Depression

The dictionary defines “depression” as a sunken place, emotional problems
like sadness, dullness, low level of economic activity, a low level of anything.
The word comes from Late Latin meaning “a pressing down.”

Now that we know what we're talking about, the buzz word “depression” has
to do with selling drugs to make you really depressed so you need stronger
drugs and will kill yourself and probably several other people.

This will depress more people and boost drug sales further. All legal!

Why do people become “depressed”?

What's pressing down on your survival?

There are many reasons. Let me eliminate the obvious reasons:

1. You're starving (lack of proper nutrition). Related articles:
Fast food diet
increases risk of depression by more than fifty percent. Nutrition Response
Testing. Also Anxiety and Depression Can Start in the Gut. Also Research:
Low vitmain D levels found in chronically depressed people.

2. You're totally exhausted.

3. You're already taking several drugs to make you healthy. (At least that what
you were told. Drugs to prevent illnesses, but causing other ills!) Related
article: "
Are All DRUGS BAD or Are Some GOOD?"

4. Someone is suppressing the hell out of you so you have no hope of a
future; tearing you down routinely; making your life hell. This would include
the news media! Related article "
Who Has the Right to INSULT You?"

5. You've been poisoned by toxins and you're probably accumulating more!
Nutrition Response Testing
. My article that directly addresses toxins:
Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride...How to Survive!

6. 4/26/11 I felt it necessary to add a line here about the Radiation and the
media's need to make it worse than it should be.  As I have covered radiation
and several related items, I'm going to refer you to my article "
Preparations". You do need to take steps to detoxify your body from all the
toxins, including radiation. I recommend you read the book:
Clear Body Clear
Mind. Another valuable book to educate you about radiation, dangers and
All About Radiation...click to view. I own both books!

Update, 4/4/12
, unchanged 6/13/17! It's been just over a year and the media
has hushed up the whole story about Fukushima. Radiation is still polluting
the ocean and air. Current information is radiation is definitely
and the rest of the world as there is no separation of water and air!
Fukushima may get a lot worse! Valuable book:
All About Radiation...click to

Most people are suffering from all of the above. Almost EVERYONE is
suffering from radiation but you don't know that yet!

No wonder you're “depressed”, you're also dying
physically and mentally!

But there is another point not listed in the above. It will totally ruin you even if
you have none of the other stress factors listed above. It is covered below.

Oh, one other point, loss or threat of loss, can be upsetting and “depressing”.
I have found that when something like this happens in my life, if I go to work,
get real productive, my attention goes off the “loss” and onto production. I'm
no longer “depressed”.

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Fighting Against... and How the News Media is Used to
Control Us.

Personally, I also take supplements to keep my mood up! I find Vitamin B1
and B complex excellent to keep my body calm and out of "depression". This
is not medical advice, doesn't treat or cure anything. If you want medical
advice go see a doctor.

Depression has been pumped up by big pharma and the
psychs to sell drugs.

Having emotional swings because of situation is life is completely
You don't need drugs to deal with life. If you're starving, watch
you're emotional tone level drop. Notice how irritable you get when your just

Related article
Problem or Solution?

ACTION solves almost all problems including


If you are not producing something of value, a service or product, you will be

Why would you not produce?

Because you are heavily suffering from one or some combination of numbers
1-6 above. Or you do not know how to produce or what to produce. But you
can learn. Also related article
Monday Monday!...click to view and listen!

A key reason people on welfare are ill and depressed is
they don't work.

Criminals are criminal because they don't work. They take without giving.
That is criminal. They are all depressed and unhappy!

Juvenile delinquency comes from lack of production! Those child labor laws!
Labor laws that deny children the right to contribute to society so they go
criminal. They are receiving and receiving and can't contribute back to society
they think. They are also "controlled" badly!

If you never can make your own decisions, you'd revolt. Children revolt! When
you or society badly controls kids, you get criminal behavior and you pay for
your bad control!

If someone, who is “depressed”, just started exercising, that would produce a
product, a healthier body. They would be less depressed! Take a
long walk,
that is work for the body. It will help!

If you don't have a “job” there are many ways you can contribute to mankind!
You can volunteer for some activity, who cares what! Just get productive. See
my page
New Civilization. Get behind it and be positive!

What do you enjoy doing? Get a job doing that or in some area connected
with what you like. Work for free for a while to prove yourself. Why not, what
better do you have to do beside being “depressed”? Related article "

I can coach you on how to handle any of the above items of this I am certain.

But “being depressed” is your condition and you have to
take responsibility and take ACTION to handle it.

This is where I lose a lot of people, being responsible and taking action. Are
you one of the ones I'm going to lose?

I'll assist. I'll push you by communicating with you, keeping tabs on your

No charge! So why do I do this?

If you don't handle your “depression”, you will probably do drugs of some sort.

People on drugs are a liability to society, they're dangerous. They drive while
on drugs. They drive while mentally they're out to lunch.

My grandchildren are starting to drive and I don't want you to kill one of them
because you're depressed.

And as a productive member of society, you will be in a position to aid
yourself, your family, your friends and mankind in the game of survival! By
being productive, you'll cease moving towards being a full blown criminal on

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