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My foot was on my left arm
Right ear, by my thumb
Hard to see, standing on my eye balls
My, what a way to start my day

Moved the arm back up
After the kidney was taken off the shoulder
Went to put the ear back and found the head gone
Buried somewhere in a lung
Pulled it out and put it back,
Gosh it’s easier to breathe

Put the foot down by the other
Yep, got the left foot on the left leg
The right foot went on the spot that was left,
Must have been right, cause there wasn’t another spot left.
I think I stole that couple of lines….

Got the eye balls moving, couldn’t find the nose
Seems it was left where the kidney should have been
Grabbed it out, god I was about to shout
Got the nose in place, an eyeball one each side
Looked at the head, it was hollow inside
Seems the brains were missing

I put on my hat and went to work
Nobody would notice a missing brain
Beside it was raining in Spain

Did I make myself plain?
The day went well, it was the work that was hell
Do feel the body has been shifted around?
Are your feet in the right place?

I guess I've got to watch those dreams of remodeling.
What if I had dreamed I was someone else!
I think I did! I dreamed I’m you!
Feeling discombobulated?

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