Considering Divorce? Stop!*1


Step 2:

This is a big step.

Many people aren’t strong enough to look at this view point of the situation.

Make a list of the harmful things you did your spouse.

If you say you’ve never done anything harmful, this has failed already
because you’re
not being honest with yourself or with me.

You have done things you should not have done and/or there are things you
failed to do that you should have done. Even the best of us make mistakes
and these do not make you bad, more likely they make you sad. You don’t
want to hurt the one(s) you love.

Start the list! You must write it down.

Just thinking about it will get you no place. If you need help with this, contact

Next a Decision

YOU need to decide if your marriage could possibly work if YOU started
creating it fully again. If you created it just like you started creating it the day
you decided to start the marriage in the beginning.

If you are divorced, use these steps to create a smooth working relationship
with your
ex. You will probably have to see you ex spouse from time to time so make it
pleasant! Continue with the steps!

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1* It is my firm belief that saving a marriage is better in almost all situations
with few exceptions. When you married you agreed to create a future and
that is an agreement you need to keep not make excuses about why you
aren’t keeping up your end of the marriage. Your spouse needs you else
there would have been no marriage in the first place.

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Don't give up!

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