Considering Divorce? Stop!*1


Step 3:

If there is any chance it could work, your next task is to get your
spouse to do the exact same thing you’ve done. Starting at
Step 1!

It is wise to approach this when your spouse is
well fed, rested,
not already upset or under the influence

If he or she refuses, you can bet there are harmful actions
committed that you do not know about fully. Your spouse will
leave to stop from continuing to hurt you. Coming clean is much
better. Marriages survive when there is honesty.*2

Any relationship can be made to work. The question is will either
of the partners take enough responsibility to repair the damage
and renew the creation of the marriage.

Marriage is created and must be created daily. You need to
communicate with your spouse often not at your spouse, with
him or her.

Personal coaching on how to do this is available at no cost.

Should you care give, donations are always acceptable to help
handle the cost of the site, its promotion and my survival.

1*  It is my firm belief that saving a marriage is better in almost all
situations with few exceptions. When you married you agreed to create
a future and that is an agreement you need to keep not make excuses
about why you aren’t keeping up your end of the marriage. Your spouse
needs you else there would have been no marriage in the first place.

2*  If you are divorced, you should definitely read this and do the steps.
Do all the steps including having your ex do the steps too!

If you fail to clean up the harmful actions YOU committed or those
actions you failed to do that created harm, you will carry these into your
next relationship. This excess baggage will make your next attempt at
happiness much less likely to succeed.

And if there are children, you will need to co-exist with your ex-spouse
for your children's benefit! You need to have a smooth working
relationship with your ex!

At some point, you must be honest and responsible for not only yourself
but your spouse. You spouse, even your Ex, is doing the very best, the
absolute best to survive, to make a good life with you. Though there
were mistakes, basically we all try to survive and we all make mistakes.

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