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The “germ theory of disease” is the assumption that there is a specific germ
causing each disease. It is the belief of modern medicine that it is their job to
know and prescribe the right drug or vaccine to handle each of these separate
germs. A patented, expensive, miracle drug for each condition is the medical
operating basis.

Germs are a real thing. In 1847, a Hungarian obstetrician noticed the 30%
death rate among women who delivered at a hospital. He related this to
examinations of the delivering women by doctors. When the doctors washed
their hands with water and lime before examining women, the death rate
dropped to less than 2% at that hospital.

While germs are a factor in disease, they are only one factor. Around 1347,
there was a famous bacterial infection called the Black Death or the Plague
that killed about one third of the population of Europe. What happened with
the other two thirds that were exposed and survived?

Germs are everywhere. Why is it that not everyone gets sick? Why is it that
not everyone gets food poisoning from the same food? Clearly there are other
physical factors that are important such as genetics, immune strength, and
nutritional and lifestyle habits.

The originator of the Germ Theory was the chemist Louis Pasteur. On his
deathbed, Pasteur is quoted as saying, “The terrain is everything; the germ is
nothing.” The environment or body that the germ is in can make or break it.

Chiropractor Bernard Jensen forwarded the Rat Theory of Garbage. He said
that rats do not create garbage; they are attracted to it. Jensen asserted that
germs do not create disease; they are the cleanup crew for an unhealthy
body, like vultures feeding on dead flesh.

Senior to all physical factors is the emotional and mental state of the person
whose body is fighting the germs! Have you ever noticed how many doctors
do not get sick? They are around infection all day long.

Your body runs into viruses and bacteria on a continual basis. The trick is for
you to be healthy and causative over them, physically and mentally!

This tip is a part of my disease prevention section. Be sure to read all my
disease prevention health tips to learn how to keep yourself and your
family healthy!

Best wishes,

Dr. Pepi

March 29, 2009

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