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I would like to introduce you to Dr. Anita Mary Pepi, Doctor of Chiropractic. Her office is in Sherman
Oaks, Ca. For more and specific information, visit her website

She can be reached at or by phone at 818-808-0899.

Let me tell you why I am introducing her!

A few years ago, my daughter was in Florida and developed headaches, was being dizzy and fainting. Extensive and
expensive medical test were done there by the local medical profession with no idea what the problem was coming
from all those "test". My daughter flew back to Los Angeles for even more high tech superexpensive testing. Still, the
medical community had no idea what was wrong with my daughter's body!

After months and thousands of dollars, we decided we had enough and took her to Dr. Pepi.

One visit and the situation was diagnosed and almost totally handled on the spot with an adjustment and some
supplements. The situation was handled and stayed handled.

In my opinion, Dr. Pepi can almost tell what's going on with your body by just looking at you when you walk in. With a
few simple tests, she does know and the resolution to your problem begin immediately without drugs.

There was a similar situation with my wife who had a kidney problem which Dr. Pepi gave a simple solution to handle
and handled most of the pain on the spot.

I have gone to many Chiropractors. As far as being able to correctly diagnose the problem and give a simple solution
to, Dr. Pepi is great

So if you have a body problem, I highly recommend Dr. Pepi!

This is true.
Carl Watts

She can be reached at or by phone at 818-808-0899
4216 Sunnyslope Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91423   

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