in Writing of Dragica Minjevic-Medakovic

Born near Bijelo Polje in Montenegro , Dragica Minjevic-Medakovic graduated from the School of Technology at the University of
Zagreb . Now she lives and works in Voyvodina, Lake Palic (near Subotica and the Hungarian border). She travels, reads and writes for
her heart and soul’s pleasure, as a free lance writer. She is the author of six books: short stories about men - women relationships
named Men and Their Shadows, poetry, and children literature (Darion’s cosmic travels, science fiction for children also a novel
Bezimena/The Nameless (2006) and a book of essays Jeli to mudrost/Is that wisdom (2007). She confides: essays she wrote just to
see if she could do it. She chooses some eternal themes, like “About God” and “About Love”, but mostly responds to the world and life
around her, depicting some contemporary social phenomena. Her essays sound like “thinking aloud”.


The mere word “God” is good and beautiful. The best. The concept is that of ultimate goodness. So much goodness in itself cannot
contain a grain of evil. Such great goodness is marked as almighty. Why then is such fear of God’s punishment?  God is kindness and
kindness helps, corrects and teaches. There are no good and evil gods. God does not sow evil or punishment. He does not need it.
Being ultimate integrity, he does not know how. Evil comes from other powers, opposing God. Men have created all the confusion.
Some of it was with best intentions but much with evil. All that has been created and written in  religious books and stories bringing in
fears  is not God’s word but comes from the vicious powers. We, as mortals, evidently cannot distinguish them.  We don’t know how or
don’t want to.
    Humans have mixed gods too. In Jupiter we find Zeus, in Christ – Perun and so on. God is one and almighty, the Christians say. Alah
is one and only, the Islamic believers claim; all faiths have listed a whole pyramid of lesser gods. In Orthodoxy those are saints, in
Hinduism each god is a god of a certain domain, and so on. Polytheism has turned into monotheism only seemingly so. In creating a
new religion, the old one is shrewdly intertwined. Don’t we cut oak tree branches for Christmas? Don’t we find there the cult of the
supreme god Perun? This pyramidal design from the celestial turned to the worldly - one more proof that the humans designated it all.
The president of the government and the ministers. Each with their department. A minister is chosen to serve but places himself, or acts,
as a small god toward those who are below in the pyramid. Instead of serving, he display power.  The same is true for the military.
    How do we separate what is God’s from the worldly, human? If we accept that all which is celestial is good, creative, ruling the
cosmos and keeping it all in harmony, connected and complete, then it is not hard to understand which is which. Naturally, assuming we
are well equipped with wisdom and benevolence. God given gifts. No matter what form we give it, or even if we leave it formless, simply
put, all good in us and around us is from God. If you nurture it well and multiply, you will have no fear from the sins, because you have
found God in you. You are in unison with God.
    What about God’s punishment? Is that God’s or men’s? God does not punish. Giving us a reason, he lets us choose for ourselves our
own way. How could ever  something good, which is almighty, sow evil as punishment? That again is human miss-use of the God’s gifts.
Who ever gave the right to people to kill in the name of God and force fear in faith? If the Creator gave us mind with the freedom of
choice, than punishment is only the result of a poor choice. Instead of being one with God and good, we have united with the carriers of
evil. A poor choice brings a poor result too.


Love. Love. Love. A concept and a word that resonates in each human being. A feeling that is filling. Bringing beauty and pain. One
does not go without the other. Love in all variations. Toward life. Toward a woman or a man. The life’s companion. Child. A relative. The
natural habitat. A concept that fills us with the most beautiful vibrations possible in a human being.
    An individual cannot live without love. Each has an embedded need to love and be loved. However, while love for nature travels and
is so strong and lasting because it depends on one side only, love for a person is unstable. It depends on both subjects and the
conditions in which love develops. That is why it is in the center of interest and casts others into the background.

Restless Souls (Lament for Kosovo)
Special day
Bezimena/The Nameless

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