Ok, you have dreams!

If you don't, lets create some!

Write down whatever you want to see happen in your life! Make a list as long as you like!

Alright, now that is done, on a separate sheet, write down all the reasons why you will "never" be able....you know, all
the stops, wrongs, lack of whatever... etc.

Are you done? Good take that sheet with the reasons you will not succeed and simply decide that those ARE NOT
YOUR THOUGHTS! Throw that sheet away.

Back to the list of dreams!

Which one do you want the most? Once you've decided, imagine your success! Close your eyes and create the
entire scene. Draw a picture of it if you like or write a detail description of it, anything that will help you see the
success better.
(There are a articles, "Imagine Your Success" and "The Power of Ur Imagination", which can help you with this.)

Now, what action can help you to create your first dream to make it true in the physical universe?

Go ahead and plan out several steps and be sure to write them down! That puts the ideas into the physical universe.

If you can't think of the first step, take your list and send it to me and I'll see if I can help you. No charge!
Sent to me
by clicking here.

If you have several step or even a full plan, to help you push through and get them done, send them to me! No
Do this by clicking here.

Keep track of your dream and progress.

Put the list and steps on your refrigerator or bedroom mirror! The only way
to fail to achieve your dreams is to give up
on them.

Life can be fun, you can be

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