Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life.

Where Are You Going?

If your life lacks destination, lacks purpose, do you have a plan you are actively working on to resolve

Do you know how to improve your situation in life or are you stuck in a rut?

Due to my experiences, both good and not so good, I learned to help people win in life. This can
done with almost everyone. There are always a couple that don't want to win or do better. I can't help

If you're reading this, you are not one of the couple that do not want to win.

How can I assist you?

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself :-)

Feel Free to Communicate with Me!

I am open to communication. Email me Carl @ carlwattsartist .com (remove spaces. Call me and leave
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Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like
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Drifting or Driving?

I'm defining “drifting” as a random uncontrolled motion or even no motion as
in a calm at sea.

I'm defining “driving” as a controlled progress towards a goal or destination.

To give a few examples, have you ever seen a leaf being moved by a flow of
water? It might to fast or slow and could get stuck anywhere and stop motion

Have you ever seen news video of a drowning animal rushing down stream in
a flooded river?

Both of the above are examples of drifting.

For driving, have you ever seen a stock car race? Except for during the
crashes, that happen frequently, the drivers are doing an excellent job of
controlling their vehicles rapidly around the track! That is driving! The
purpose is to finish first!

Another example of driving is the rescuers rushing out in their boats to save a
drowning animal or person in a flooded river! Even in the dangerous water,
they drive the boats with skill! The purpose is to rescue the potential
drowning victim.

You're In the Army Now

When I was younger, I join the US Army, mostly to avoid being drafted and
sent to war. By joining, I had a choice of my duty sight. To the degree I
joined, I was driving.

However, I had no final destination in mind. I later reenlisted and landed in
Viet Nam which was where I originally wanted to avoid. With a lack of
destination, I drifted into a war zone.

More Driving and Drifting

I didn't like Viet Nam and against all odds, I arranged leaving the country
almost immediately!

During the war, the government, the Army, would put people in jail rather than
allow them to leave the war zone unless you were dead or very close to it.

I went down and read the Army regulations on types of Discharges (names
for conditions on leaving the military) and found one that would allow me to
leave and I was out of the war zone and out of the military. I received a
“Hardship Discharge.” This was an honorable separation from the military.

When I took action to get out of the war zone and out of the Army altogether, I
was driving my life.

Life After the Army

After the separating from the US Army, I still had no final destination nor
purpose with my life. Thus I drifted. This continued until I met my children's

To make a long story short, we married in 1974, raised five fantastic children.

Being married and raising children does provide purpose and destination to a
large degree.

Over the years, I was self employed or an executive in a series of
businesses. I did well over all despite the ups and downs of life and

As you can see, I went from aimless drifting to actively driving in my life, back
and forth, many more times than I listed here. But from this, I did learn
although it was a very slow process.

No Career Destination

So, professionally, career wise, I had no destination, no purpose.

Over the years, I've had most fun helping others to do better in life. I
specifically help
ed children deal with their problems in school. I was very
good at it!

I write articles for the same reason, to help others deal with life better.

What are Your Stops in Life?

I haven't met anyone yet that did not have some back off, some hesitation or
fear in some area of life. Everyone I know could improve their lives if that
small area that they haven't faced was handled!

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle
those conditions is exactly what I want to do in life.
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