Dylan newborn baby
Dylan almost a month old
Dylan on 9/30/06
Dylan now 2 years old and playing in the dirt
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8/9/09, 11/1/09
And here he is 8/17/08,
doing his job and playing
in the dirt. It's difficult
now to get him to be still  
for a picture.
Dylan 2.5 months old
Dylan 3.5 months old
Dylan jumping off the picnic table just over 2 years old
Here a second shot Dylan jump off the picnic table midair
Dylan pointing and clearly telling you something
These three are 11/15/08, two mid air and
one him pointing. There's no keeping
him down or up. He likes to jump!
This is Dylan helping Grandpa
work on his car. Taken 10/12/08
by Mitchell, his dad.
Dylan Watts demonstrating the newest in redneck swimming pools in the back of a pickup truck in an industrial area
Dylan Alexander was born 8-3-06 at  
9:55 pm. He entered the game of life
at 7 lbs 6 oz  and is 18 1/2 inches tall.
My son, Mitchell, and his wife, Dynnel
Watts, have produced a very artistic
product. He's beautiful. The above far
left was taken on 8/20/06.

Photo Index

To the immediate left, you see Dylan
in the "red neck" swimming pool in
the back of a friend'd pickup truck at
the shop.
This is Dylan balancing on his baby chair March 2008
Dylan March 2008
Dylan on 3/2/09 with his new hat he just got from Carl
This is Dylan Watts on his third birthday, his nickname is Pickle
Dylan Watts
Dylan May 2010
Dylan May 2010
Aug 2011 Fifth Birday costume
Ashley, Dylan, Arora 3/24/11
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Dylan Watts Halloween 2009 in a lemon green dragon suite
Joshua, Liam, Dylan and Andrew May 2001
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