The vast majority of Earth's people - over 95% -
    are admiring and respectful of each other and the planet on which they live.
    Unfortunately, they are plagued by the actions of a small percentage who are
    determined to benefit from the ignorance, enslavement, confusion and misery of

    When such ill-intentioned persons achieve positions of power, billions of people
    are unhappily affected. But even those who do not rise to power can wreck the
    lives of others with malicious gossip, criticism and small crimes. It can be said that
    without such people, the reality of emotional stress, economic instability and even
    war would be but a distant memory; meanwhile, the populace of the planet remain
    saddled with these agonizing situations.

    My friend Gary McInnis has written and produced a song, "Earth's Children,"
    very accurately describing the "human condition," and recently I had the honor of
    recording the vocal performance for him. I'm sending this out by way of
    acknowledging Gary who this year joined the staff of the Church of Scientology of
    Pasadena in its new beautiful landmark building in historic Old Town.

Gary isn't just writing about the problem - he's doing something to help resolve it, in a group that is educating Earth's
Children and proofing them up against the rigors and dangers of life in these trying times.  

Lyrics below.

Tom Fair

Words & music by Gary McInnis © 2008

All of Earths children are one
Tied by the knot of the human condition
Heirs to a throne no one owns
Divided by ruling crowns

Controlling the riches of man
Selfishly keeping him down where they can
Collectively squashing his will
With messages to be still

The wrong thing to do
Is roll over and play dead
Don’t let us slip away
Because you’re afraid to stand up
Stare evil in the face and make it own up
To what it’s done so it can be undone

All of Earths children are one
Tied by the knot of the human condition
Heirs to a thrown no one owns
Divided by ruling crowns

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