Editorial: "So You have a Medical Condition"

First, let me state my opinions are pretty strong. If you have a medical
condition, my statements may offend you and or counter your doctor. You do
not have to continue reading. What is true for you is what you observe as
truth. I've written what I see as true. That said, continue at your own risk!

"Medical conditions," which are so nicely named and labeled, are all symptoms
of poor health!

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Medical Tests

I read an article somewhere that stated almost anyone who's getting older, like
45 and up, who goes in for medical testing will be found to have something
wrong or “dangerous” in the results. I fully believe this is true! (Here are links
that doesn't say what I said but is pretty supportive:
"Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically
and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits"
"Unnecessary diagnostic tests"
"Medical Studies Largely Wrong or Fraudulent"
"Two new studies warn -- medical doctors may be hazardous to your health".
"Cancer industry total fraud exposed: Nearly all 'scientific' studies fail to be
"Why Your Doctor's Advice May Be Fatally Flawed"
New York Times and Wall Street Journal Warn that Hospitals are Killing Us.
Publication Bias—the Hidden Systematic Flaw in Medicine that Can Threaten

In my opinion, the majority of medicals tests are designed
protect the doctors from being sued and to increase
They are not designed with the person's best
interest in mind necessarily!

When the results come back, doctors will likely advise you differently than they
would choose for themselves! (
"Doctors don't tell patients the truth about the
they'd use themselves")

The medical community has been trained by the pharmaceutical industry! The
colleges and universities are heavily funded by big pharma. Many professors,
teachers, etc have direct ties to big pharma. I understand that continuing
medical education curriculum is written by big pharma! (
"Harvard Medical
School Professors
are Paid Big Bucks by Big Pharma to Push Meds" and
"Two new studies warn -- medical doctors may be hazardous to your health".

The pharmaceutical industry, big pharma, profits from the sale of drugs.

No profit in cures.

Unfortunately, doctors also profit from illness not health.

So what do you think the results of tests will be? You will be prescribed
lethal drugs, lethal radiation, and/or surgery that may mask the
symptoms and not touch the underlying cause(s)?

If you cut out cancer, did you handle the cause of the cancer or just the
symptom that developed? If you try and appear to succeed to kill the cancer
lethal radiation, did you handle the cause? Why do people who have their
cancer go into remission, have it come back so often? Because the cause is
almost never handled or addressed by traditional medical care. The next time
it comes, you've already been darn near ruined by the treatment you've
already had and the new
"treatment" or the cancer kills you. This is exactly
what happened to my dad.

Another popular thing with cancer is to operate. After the operation, reexamine
the area. Then medicos decide they probably didn't get it all the first time so
they go back in! Very profitable, two surgeries back to back!

Drugs do not cure ills.

Taking drugs is like cutting the wire on the warning lights. No warning light, so
the problem's gone, right? You can do that in your vehicle, and the light will
cease shining at you. I hope the pilot doesn't do that before your next plane
takes off. That would be a disaster. It is a disaster taking drugs to mask a
symptom. Related article:
Are All DRUGS BAD or Are some GOOD?

All Drugs are Poisons.

A little will stimulate part of your body, in an EMERGENCY that can be good
but ordinarily it's not. If you take more of the drug, it will sedate the body part
or you. Again in an emergency, that might be good but not for everyday living.

And larger doses of drugs kills the organ, gland, the body part or the entire
organism. Overdoses are a daily occurrence.

Drugs kill more people than auto accidents!

Even when the drug masks the symptom, side effects are likely to be worse
than the original symptom.
All drugs have side effects do they not? This is true
even for the "harmless"

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The Results

So when you get the “results” of your test, you need to know that they are
prejudiced in favor of you going onto a lifetime of expensive,
dangerous/deadly drugs!

Rarely do the medical doctors recommend natural solutions. It does happen
but normally it doesn't! Medical doctors normally have very little training in
nutrition or alternative solutions to body problems.

So the report comes back, you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
"Here are your multiple prescriptions! Enjoy!"

If they are lucky and you are unlucky, they tell you that you have "pre-cancer."
lethal radiation and lethal drugs are recommended. You've just
become the cash cow.

Did you know that many oncologists make a huge profit from the
lethal Chemo
they sell you

"Oncologist salaries have increased 86% in the past 10 years even though the
number of patient visits has increased by only 12%. Notably, the large majority
of most oncologists' income is derived from markups on
chemo drugs they sell
in their offices.” (
Dying Cancer Patients Milked of Last Dollar")

Hospital Errors Kill Well Over 180,000 Americans Annually – Why are
Super-Safe Supplements and Natural
Health Under Attack?

Update 12/05/12
Live longer and better sub title Stop committing suicide with

Do Your Own Research!

Take your report and go on the internet, research it for yourself. To fail to do
so is you being irresponsible and trusting a doctor that trusted a school that
trusted a pharmaceutical company that lies almost always to everyone for the
profits they steal from dying hands! I recommend these sites "
AlignLife" "Dr
Anita Pepi
" "Mercola.com" "NaturalNews.com"

Your lack of responsibility will kill you early and you will be abandoning your
family out of lack of responsibility!

So what do you do for high blood pressure? I can't tell you, but you can
research "
Garlic," "Celery," or “Watermelon”.  

And there are many supplements that can help. Now notice I didn't say “cure”
as the FDA is watching and would have the SWAT team invade my phone
booth office and arrest me if I counter any of the people that write their
paychecks, big pharma/ama/cancersociety! They'd do this faster than I could
change into my superhero costume (it's at the cleaners)!


And you know that drinking water "DOES NOT CURE BEING THIRSTY”?
Right? Eating doesn't cure hunger or starvation? “Curing” anything is a
monopoly term trade marked and copy righted by the AMA/big pharma mob
and backed up my the US FDA military units! Don't say it! See Related article
Cures, The Lack of and Why.

No "Thing" Cures the Body.

Neither drugs or food or supplements, herbs or vitamins cure the body. But the
body uses some items to repair itself. If anything can heal the body, it is the
person who is running the body.

The trick of being healthy is to provide the body with adequate fuel and
building materials for growth and repair. You also must avoid poisoning the

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In today's environment, avoiding toxins is impossible. With insane people
spraying masses of people with chemicals (
chemtrails), poisons intentionally
added to your water
, foods altered to be poisonous and unnatural (genetically
modified) and huge number of chemicals added to the food, I believe it's
impossible. You also have planetary wide vast pollution made by man: Millions
of gallons of toxins poured into the Gulf of Mexico;  In Japan millions of gallons
of radioactive water draining, still draining into the sea as I write this, and
radiation pouring into the air circulation the planet. (Solution: See the book

“Clear Mind Clear Body” http://ow.ly/4trim

There is hope.

The human body is tremendously resilient. To survive well, you must do the
best you can to feed the body quality foods. Organic and locally grown fresh
foods are best. That isn't easy to do. But do the best you can.

Taking a good quality of supplement is vital. Correct supplements can help a
body survive better as the foods you eat often are nutritionally void. My
recommendation for supplement because of quality "
Standard Process"
which you normally get from a practitioner. You can some times find on line
via Amazon.com.

There are supplements/herbs that can help your body remove toxins.

There are
technologies that can pin point which toxins are stressing your

The largest barrier to being healthy, in my opinion, is the disinformation that
has been put out by schools, doctors, advertisements by big pharma and the
government itself.

Basically you must re-educate yourself or else you will wind up being medical
wreckage. The normal medical procedures are almost guaranteed to ruin your
body with drugs, radiation and or surgery.

I've personally watched this happen with
lethal radiation visibly aging the
Lethal radiation followed up with lethal Chemo and the patient was
killed by the treatments shortly after treatments began. Related article
Killed my Wife".

I would call it murder but “there are risks in any medical procedure” and justice
of course is blind to the facts. The treatment was high risk, "
There was little chance to save the patient and
guaranteed profit for the
medical community. No I don't trust them in general and don't like the vast
majority of them.

They know what they are doing doesn't work and creates harm. They are
almost always violating their oaths prescribing bigpharma's poisons. I'm not
sure medical doctors still take oaths. See related article
Medical Doctors,
Their Actions

There are exceptions but I would need to see proof before I would trust.

So, do your own research or put your life in the hands of a profit motivated,
murdering set of industries.

If you would like recommendations for good sources of general nutritional data
contact me! I am a health coach and trained in Nutrition Response Testing.

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