Editorial: Purpose of #GMOs

I am going to give personal opinions here. These opinions are not directed at
any person or company unless they feel it fits them. That would be their
choice and decision not mine. But let me point out if the shoe fits, you are
enemies of mankind and guilty as hell. You may survive but you will pay for
your crimes. No one will get away entirely from the toxic environment you are

10/16/12 Up date: California has a ballot issue up for vote, Prop 37 which
would require the labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms or Genetically
Engineered products. If you live in California, Vote "yes" on 37! Our future may
well depend on your vote. I'm voting!

11/30/12 Update: It is my firm belief that there was voter fraud and that's why
Prop 37 lost. It would cost nothing to add a line of print to the labels. I do
believe bigAgra would lose money but other farmers would profit. Just as
much food would be purchased only it would be healthier and less toxic!

We have a right to know what's in our food! People before profit!

Now on with the editorial!

World Population

Could it be the desire of the elite, the New World Order, the very rich folks to
make the population ill and weak so that we are easier to oppress?

If we look at the tactic being employed in America and many other countries,
you'd think we've been conquered and the conquerors want to keep us under

Bill Gates favors reducing the population by
billions. Could enough people
die from GMO poisoning? How will GMOs effect our birth rates? Bill is backing
#GMOs and Vaccines. He expects to lower the population!

I believe they are succeeding. Birth rates are declining in America, Europe,
Asia and so on. In fact many countries are losing population. Any country
where the woman delivers less than two children is shrinking. View list

And if you add the other sources of fluoride from our diet, it's no wonder young
people are breaking their legs!

11/30/12 Updated and clear information about the American decline of births:
U.S. Birth Rate Falls to a Record Low; Decline Is Greatest Among
Immigrants...click to read!


The Nazis came up with the idea of putting fluoride in the water of conquered
lands to keep the populace docile. They didn't do it.

But in America, widely they are putting poison in the water supplies. The
concentrations of fluoride being given the citizens is greater than the World
Health Organization recommend allowing in natural water to protect the wild
life. I guess that's a good idea the animals need protecting from extermination!

In America, the government, HomeLandSecurity, purchased two billion
rounds of ammo. (Updated 04/27/13)  What do they plan on doing with
those! Our military could fight for 7 years on that many rounds!

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Chemtrails are used to help control “global warming”. Global warming is an
outright lie in an effort to tax the planets population for its energy use.

Chemtrails will not prevent this planet from heating or cooling. Currently it's
getting cooler. Actually the
sun is getting cooler so what will that do to the

Chemtrails often have nano particles of toxic metals aluminum and barium.
These particles are very harmful and very easily absorbed. Related article
Find out how chemtrails adversely affect your health.

11/30/12 Updated and clear information:
Irrefutable Truth the U.S. Military is
intentionally poisoning us...click to view!

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Label #GMOs

At the time of this writing, we are trying to pass a law to label GMOs! That
industry is opposing efforts to get the law passed. They fight dirty. Their
motivation is profits and domination of populations!
Related article:
Prop. 37.

GMOs are not healthy and in fact are outlawed in many countries. Related
Shocking findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn
grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early. (Bill Gates dream come


Bill Gates said he believes the population can be reduced by vaccinations.
He's funding the forced vaccinations in third world countries to improve their
health (how about giving them clean water)! See video, click

Vaccines do not work but they do kill and maim for life. Related article
Why Vaccines DO NOT Work.


It is my opinion, the elite, the banksters are directly behind GMO, Chemtrails,
fluoride poisoning and vaccinations.

They use war as a method of keeping the planet in chaos! See related article
Conflicts on Earth!

The use of Deplete Uranium Weapons (the uranium is far from depleted) goes
on killing for a very long time. Related article, click


What toll are they extracting from the human race? Poisons applied to our
foods. Poisons that run off into our waters. What is the cost going to be to the
future of man?

I'm afraid no one knows. But poisons kill living organisms. Man is a living
organism. Even if it doesn't kill man, will it make him ill? Will it affect his ability
to reproduce? Related article, click


The solution to these toxic solutions being applied to your life is contained in
my article
Health, Attention on The Correct Goal.

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To each of the above bad situations, you must use communication with the
government and the corrupt corporations. If you persist, they will listen.

Things can improve if enough people communicate with these alien entities!
The exact how to do this is explained in my article
Governments, Solution
For...click and read it please. To achieve results, ACTION IS REQUIRED!

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