Electronics: People Out of Communication

Often I've seen two young people walking together both talking on their cell
phones more than once. I've seen two people at the same table both talking
on the phone. Have you ever seen this?

Several times I've interrupted them and said “You're close enough you can
talk to each other without the phones.” So far they have all laughed.  

What Prompted This Article

Sometimes I meet my son, daughter in law, her sister and a friend or two at
local restaurants for lunch. I did so a couple days ago.

While we were waiting on our food three out of five people were playing video
games. So I chatted with my daughter in law or my son as they pass her
phone back and forth taking turns playing video games. Since this was
written, my son purchased a smart phone. So I suspect that everyone would
be playing video games except me!

I was the only person not playing video games.

Fortunately when the food arrived, they stopped playing to eat. The
conversation was much more lively with the phones put away.

Do you see my point?

05/28/2013 Update: Mary, my lovely wife, said I should update my phone so I
now have an iPhone. I must say when I first tried to figure it out, I was not a
happy camper. But overcoming the culture shock, I'm now pretty happy with it.

I would like to point out something! Having a "smart phone" doesn't require
that you play games on your phone! I don't and I don't let my grand kids play
games on my phone either! That is not what it is for.

Bit of History

Before the Television came into existence in the evening people played board
games, read or went to bed.

Then TV moved into the home and started damaging the health of people's
body and the dynamic of the family.

When was the last time you and your family played a board game?

Do you have a TV in every room? Some people do!

Lost Production

The average time spent on TV watching is huge.

Do your children do their homework while watching TV? I suspect not.

Do they do anything that contributes to the family while watching TV or
playing video game? Dud, of course not!

If your child is having academic trouble, TV is contributing to if not causing
the problem.

I worked in private school  for 11 years. My research showed a DIRECT
relationship between electronics (Television and video type games) and
academic neglect! Mind you I'm not speaking of a correlation but a DIRECT
cause of academic slowness!

And Mom, Dad, what projects could you do with those hours logged in front of
a screen?

Electronics and Health

People that spend many hours doing electronics (TV/video type games) are
prone to accidents.

Electronics put people into a light trance, they go out of present time!

Even posting on the computer, like to Twitter, Facebook, gets hypnotic. I take

I've read somewhere that watching TV burns the least amount of calories of
any activity. Not to mention, the need to snack on junk food while watching.

People that spend many hours “enjoying” electronics are not moving their
body! I can hear some people saying “I'm moving my hands”.

Let me point out that people have a lymph system that only works if they
move their BODIES.

So people that spend many hours doing electronics are ill more often. And it's
my opinion, they are more susceptible chronic illnesses that kill people daily!

Healthy of the Family

Do you know families where their kids are off in their room playing video
games or watching TV except when called out?

And then after doing what's asked of them go back into their room? I do.

Children are famous for watching a bunch of TV then having big upset with
each other and or their parents.

This is a matter of flows. They sit there and are inflowing an effect from a
machine! Too much of this puts them in a trance! This creates sort of an
anxiety in a child.

A parent speaks to a child, often the child does not respond. (Of course not,
they are in a trance.) So the parent speak again a bit harsher.

The parent starts getting upset and then yells! Perhaps you don't yell, but
maybe you know others that do.

Yelling at a child in a trance most often creates an upset.

Another example, my wife carries her work cell phone every where. We can
be in the middle of a conversation and the damn thing signals she got a text.
She feels she must respond instantly and cuts our communication off. I don't
get upset but the potential is there!

I sure many people do not like having their conversations interrupted by
someone afar. Seems good manners to finish your conversation with the
person in front of you before answering a text or even a phone call!  

I have to admit, I am guilty of this but my incoming is nothing, very rare,  
compared to my wife's!

So the peace and harmony deteriorates to the degree electronics dominate
family time.

Group Health

The example of what prompted this articles demonstrated a decline in
communication. Of course this can be repaired if you know you should do so.

With a drop in communication, the reality and affinity of the group is lowered.
This can all be fixed.

But try not speaking to your spouse or child or boss or employee! Very
quickly you will have a problem that communication could have avoided!

Internet Pornography

Because of the easy access to the Internet, more and more children, out of
curiosity, stray to potentially dangerous websites.

In milder situations, the computer get infected. In worse situations, children
have come to harm.

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the security and parental
controls ARE USED. You might not think your child would do it, but I
guarantee it happens. So act before your child or grand child becomes
exposed on your computer!

On the Plus Side

The cell phone and computers have allowed huge increases in the amount of
global communication. This brings people in different lands together.

We become more real to each other. We develop friendships.

Although our social networks can become addicting, it my opinion that they
create more good than harm!

I'm sure I omitted many, many benefits of electronics.

Is There a Solution?

Yes! It is simple! Discipline yourself and family to control the electronics!

I know from a lot of interaction with families, most people will not restrict
electronics. For them, there is no solutions. Their lives will continue to go
down hill!

This need not be!

If you have difficulty, let me know. Perhaps I can assist you!

©2013 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com  031313
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