Emotional Tidal Wave

An emotional tidal wave running from deep apathy
dragging up to grief and weeping out into the fighting of anger
Into antagonism in the curve;
Cresting at a calm boredom;
Starting to roll into a light cheerful spray at the top
tipping into a full rush of enthusiasm.

Life is an emotional wave going up and down.
Where you decide to stay is your choice.

I love the rush of enthusiasm,
the laughter of my children and grandchildren.

Should life be cause or effect?
Smiling, laughing, ill or dying?
Some say the day is gray
Others relish in the ocean's spray.
I choose to light my own way, to make my day,
To dream and create my tomorrows.

I say cause! For death is effect.
You are alive, you are cause.

Together, lets make a better happier day tomorrow.

How can I assist you?

Carl Watts

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