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Envisioning World...

Time and time again the idealist says envision world peace
They ask what would happen if everyone envisioned peace
Well, we did and what we got was war, crime, drugs, insanity
Perhaps we should envision the next world war, some true insanity

Let’s turn big pharma loose against the children (government health care)
I’m sure you can envision the crime and problems following
Illness everywhere, symptoms treated with glee
A world completely wrapped up in drugged insanity

No leaders to lead, congress micro managing your life
No peace at home, slavery consuming even your wife
So let’s envision the final end of man’s last whimper
Be it from flame and fall out or drugged to dullest apathy

No man able to move. Man is done. The bad guys have won.
Oh they will die too. Though they die every day, can’t face family
They have no friends even though they smile in fear  
Billions leave them lost with no relief in any future year.

A brightness moves through man. What he truly views vanishes.
A problem once fully understood is no longer a problem
The evil, though they hide, hide from fear of view.
Let’s just look clearly at the problems across the land.

Confront them, understand them, and sweep the evil fully into view
Evil in broad day light, not a pleasant sight, but worth viewing
Once fully viewed, confronted, they will never have power again
Evil gains it power from good men not viewing it (audit the fed)

Good men of power seeing fully and believing in themselves
Seeing will vanish the evil for the evil know not truly what they do
They are not to be pitied but stood up under bright light
In their distorted life of insanity, they are doing their best for man
The evil insane, viewing the truth, will end their strife, end their life.
Our viewing them, duplicating them fully, will end our plight!

Need some help without being told what to do, what to think, contact me. Have a great day!
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