The cool smooth touch of the evergreen
Smells of freshness and life spring forth
Longing for the rain and snow of the winter
Happy and green, waiting for summer growth
A symbol of never ending life, the Evergreen

A wreath of green welcomes you in
A garnish of green warms the hearth
Crackling with life, if feeds the fire hot
Evergreen provides man with bounty, with life

It shades the ground, enriches the Earth
Holds the snow high and forms beauty
Evergreen sings in the wind, nature’s song
Protects the life that lives within its branches
Evergreen, a good symbol of life

Man should do so well as the evergreen
Protecting those that depend on him
Helping all life while harming none
Man creates beauty, continues life
Evergreen and man, symbols of life.

©2009 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com
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