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Subject:   Ten Tips To Increase Your Sales:        

  1. Selling is a numbers game: if you get a lot of no’s, know that you will eventually get to a yes by
    the law of numbers.
  2. Persistence is the heart and soul of selling.
  3. Selling is a communication game. Invest in increasing your communication skills and you will
    receive a large return on that investment.
  4. Never allow yourself to be negative in your own thinking. That’s death for a sales person.
  5. Never buy into the negativity of others. Remember misery loves company. Don’t let others bring
    you down with their negative thinking.
  6. Think Big and you will find and get the big sales.
  7. Project confidence and your prospects will have confidence in you.
  8. Selling is based on trust. Gain your prospects trust and he will buy from you, will be your
    customer for life and will refer his family and friends to you.
  9. Make your prospect right for buying from you. Make him like it.
  10. Always give more in exchange than what is expected by your prospect in the form of service or
    something of added value. Exchange in abundance.

Jim Sarra    
Call 818-353-8575  
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