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I once heard a tale about an Indian in the snow
Two white men were covered head to toe
The Indian in only a loin cloth standing in the snow
White man says, Aren’t you freezing Indian?

Indian says, No! Are you freezing?
White man says, I’m wrapped in fur head to toe
Indian says, What about your face?
White man says, That’s my face!

Indian says, I’m face all over!
So how is he “face all over?”
Is his whole body a face?
How much space is a face?

The Indian was a spirit with a face
A spirit with “face all over”
But does a spirit have a face?
Bodies seem to have face.

I wonder where is YOUR face?
Where is your body’s face?
Perhaps, you don’t have a face
Perhaps you are face all over

As I soar through the night sky
I look down at the ground
Not using eyes as I have no face
Not using a body, I take no space

Face? Body? Mind? Spirit?
Answer me Earth Man!
Have you sunk so low so not to know?
I see by your confusion that it is so

No worries, you’re an immortal spirit
You’ll always be and perhaps never know.

Perhaps you’ll never rise up again
Perhaps you’ll always be stuck in a body
Perhaps you’ll always think you’re only a body.
Perhaps you don’t think at all…

But if you see a face just hanging in space
Alarm yourself not, tis only me
I’m using a face
So you can see me! Hee hee hee!


Written 6/17/2009

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