Fate, Destiny, Self-Determinism

At the risk of upsetting some people, perhaps many people, I want to voice my
viewpoint on the above concepts.

First I would like to refer to the dictionary.


Fate could be defined as something happening outside a persons control like
a supernatural power is causing things.


Destiny is something that is going to happen to a person; a hidden power
believed to control what will happen, fate.


Self-Determinism is commonly defined as something a nation does. But I'd like
to break it down further:

Self: that would be me or you.

Determinism: The ability to make a decision and able to determine ones own
course of action, able to determine and plan out one's own direction and
achieve a goal or objective.

Matter of Viewpoint

Many people have many different viewpoints regarding their future.

I do not wish to make anyone wrong for their viewpoint or belief. If it is true for
them, then so it is.

My viewpoint is, of course, mine and will not always be the same as other
people's viewpoints.


Responsibility is the willingness to be cause.

People that think someone or some force other than themselves will solve
their problems is not being responsible.

For example, let us say you're ill. Do you expect someone else to make you
well, to pay your bills? If you do, that is not a willingness to be cause on your
part. It is a demonstration on your part that you are at effect and someone
else is responsible for your survival.

Did you chose to get out of bed today or chose to eat or chose to do anything?

Do you think some supernatural force is interested if you go to get coffee or
not? I don't think they or it is interested at all.


Your decision was made by you based on all the factors you had available to
think with at the time!

I know the other day, I really had to work to decide to get up. I had thing
s I
wanted to do so I got up. I could have gone back to sleep and no one would
have cared but me.

How old is your body? Who had been directing your life so far?

Religion normally doesn't tell you to lay down in front of an on coming truck.
That would be irresponsible and possibly deadly. If you see a truck coming at
you, you can decide to lay down or get out of the way! No force is going to
pick you up and move you that I've ever seen documented.

I'm not saying miracles are impossible. I do believe in miracles. But I'd rather
not hope for a miracle. I would just get out of the trucks way!  

No, if you are going to survive that type situation, you must decide and act.

Action can be a Decision!

Do you drive a car? Which way do you turn at intersections?

Now, you may have set up a mental circuit to drive the car for you and so find
yourself going the wrong way. I know I've done this.

Letting a circuit drive the car is irresponsible. I should be driving when behind
the wheel and in full control.

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That I arrive at my destination is because I started my journey, when through
the required actions to arrive and did arrive, accomplish or fail! I did it!

That is self-determinism.  That is responsibility.

No exterior seen or unseen force made my decisions, controlled my actions
nor caused my results.

I did all that myself.

The World Situation

We all have some responsibility for allowing things to get the way they are.  
Even if you did absolutely nothing, you allowed thing to develop and continue!

I don't object to praying about life on earth. Please do ask for all the help you
can get.

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I believe to continue surviving with some form of freedom, we are going to
need a lots of action.

I see a problem with the occupy movement is there is no coordination and no
stated goal.

Also, you also can never tell who is a bad guy and who is a good guy.
Authorities have infiltrated crowds. Governments are known for starting
upsets, fake flags, to get laws passed and wars started.

My guess is "they" will probably instigate violence in the near future so all the
“terrorist” can be picked up and detained without due process.

That guy beside you in the crowd about to do damage, is he “fbi,” “cia,” local
cop, or just a paid trouble maker? Do you know him or her very well? Perhaps
and probably most are people like you, unhappy and beaten down my the
banksters trying to get positive changes!

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I believe the action we take needs to be positive with known purposes. My
plan is:

My Plan: New Civilization

I intend for earth and life on it get much better! You may think I'm crazy which
says you disagree with me or are willing for the death of mankind or at least
slavery of 99% of us.

You can do something creative, positive or you can moan and be part of the

Your exchange with yourself, your family, mankind and beyond depends on
your actions or in actions.

Silent people are part of the problem.

Low toned whining people, shaking in fear, supporting suppressive
governments, with their give away programs, are part of the problem.

See my plan:
New Civilization!

So join me and the thousands more that are working to reverse the decline of
civilization at the hands of the

#AwesomeTeam And Positive Attitude

My creation of #AwesomeTeam is a tool to spread information, truth, to give
hope and to protect freedom and to save lives.

To be effective, I need more followers and many more people willing to
Retweet my contents.

My intentions true and are explained in my article
New Civilization.

Join me.

My family, your family, our groups and mankind ARE worth saving.

In the future when all is said and done, will you have stood by watching life
perish or will you have given it a shot to do something about it?

#AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion.

Together we are stronger than we are individually!

As part of
#AwesomeTeam you can help! RT this data and my other content
to help wake up the world before its too late!

Volunteer to do more. Then you can say you gave it a shot. YOU HELPED!

If we can impact enough people, perhaps we can turn the tide of darkness
into a flood of light.

©2012  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com 02/7/12 edited 072013
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