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Today, I have seen too much that was unpleasant. I blocked some unhappy

The reason these people are unhappy is they do not see their own goodness.
They are blinded by lack of responsibility. When you are responsible, you can

They have committed harmful acts and continue. Since they know deep down
inside they are doing this, they must justify those actions and
blame others.
Doing this themselves, they assume others are the same. Back to no
responsibility and being miserable.

Enough of that and on to the Beauty!

Once, years ago, I was riding the bus. It was crowded after a few minutes in
it's route.

These were working people. I didn't know anyone in the group. They looked
pretty down and out, tired and possibly a bit unfriendly. I suspect most of my
fellow travelers were a bit afraid. They tried to cover it up by not looking
around and pretending they were tough.

I took a few minutes to observe the group. I realized that these were not evil
people at all.

I looked for the goodness and beauty in this group of people. Suddenly, I saw
it. It was a beautiful relief to see that they were beautiful and good. The life
that made they alive was pure. Or perhaps I put that beauty and goodness
there, either way I saw a muted spiritual glow of sorts.

Each of these rough looking bodies was occupied by a beautiful spirit. The
rest of my ride was very pleasant.


When I go outside, I don't worry about radiation. Radiation can pierce many
feet of concrete. So why should a human body stop radiation, with just a few
inches of flesh?

If you think about it, the human body can't stop radiation. But the Being, that
runs the body, can stop radiation.

If you are worried about radiation, afraid of it, you will resist it. That resistance
that you create stops the radiation in your body.

So lighten up.

The world will not come to an end no matter how hard they shake the planet or
blow the wind around. Yes, they will do a lots of damage but we will win. Do
take precautions to a reasonable degree. See my page
“Disaster Preperation

The spring flowers are beautiful. The blue sky is beautiful. My
cat is beautiful!
You are

Create Beauty

Wave your magic hand and put beauty into the things around you. I know you
may think that doesn't work!

But you can create beauty and put it into the walls, the air, the ground, the
person next to you.

You can find beauty in everything by putting it there. You're a lot lot more
powerful than you think. Try putting beauty into things. Try putting perfection
in the world around you no matter what your eyes see. Put the perfection &
beauty there.

At the very least, you will be more at cause over those things than if you let the
things create the feeling or perception for you.

The more at cause you are, the more effective you can be at being positive
and pushing hope out into the world, slowing down the psychos that are out
there. I do want your help creating a “
New Civilization!”

Take a Moment

The video directly blow is so inspirational and talks about her finding and
focusing on Beauty.

    On Twitter

    I have thousands of really
    awesome friends. They are
    people I consider friends.
    Based on what they say
    and their actions, they are
    my friends. They act like
    they are friends. I trust
    them. I don't believe they
    say and act one way to hide
    other motives. Those covert
    people are easy to spot.

    Each of my followers is a
    beautiful person. I can find
    and or put that beauty in
    each of you.

Perhaps you should put some more beauty in yourself, but some more
perfection. Yes, you can be more perfect as that word is not an absolute.

I know you are doing the very best you can. People are always doing the very
best they can at any given moment based on their available data and the
situation. They are never wrong at that instant though an instant later they
may see their error. They are never wrong even when the external world gasp
in horror at their actions. The insane are not wrong, but they are insane and
their data is wrong so we see insanity.

You can hate but that will put you on the exact level as that person or action
you hate. Hate is an insane emotion regardless of it's target. Hate makes you
less sane in exact proportion to the intensity of the hate.

If you have a troubling situation, let me know perhaps two heads can come up
with a solution were one is a having problem.

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