This is a capture of the page on 01/14/11 showing my Twitter
"#FollowFriday" Ranking.

My results is created by my #AwesomeTeam mentioning @Poet_Carl_Watts and including #FF in the message!

Previous week's statistics,
click here.

Check out the graph at the bottom. We had an excellent week.

A few bits of data: The game starts Thursday 1200GMT which is 4pm California time on Thursday. It runs until 1200GMT Saturday which
is 11PM Friday California time. It believe that's correct!

To play all you have to do is add # to FF or FollowFriday. The hash mark must be directly in front like this #FF or #FollowFriday.

A solo mention #FF is worth 50 points. That means if you say "have a great day #FF" to me only, I get 50 points. If you say the same
thing and mention 5 people, each person gets 10 points. Ranking are based on the total number of points.

I try to respond to all mentions on Friday with a #FF back to my followers to help their ranking in the game. I also originate at least one
message to my active players that  #FF is being played!

If you want to play the game, let me know and I can do a solo mention of you to help your points total!

If you are playing #FF and would like my help, @ me Twitter or email me and I ensure you get a solo
recommendation or two every Friday to help your game.

In case you're curious, here is the page with the rules of the here!

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