This is a capture of the page on 08/05/11 showing my
#FollowFriday Ranking.

My results is created by my #AwesomeTeam mentioning @Poet_Carl_Watts and including
#FF in the message! Thank YOU for contributing to the team effort!

The week prior is available, click here.

A few bits of data: The game starts Thursday 1200GMT which is 4pm California time on Thursday. It runs
until 1200GMT Saturday which is 4:00 am Saturday California time. It believe that's correct! Game runs for
38 hours.

To play all you have to do is add # to FF or FollowFriday. The hash mark must be directly in front like this
#FF or #FollowFriday. See "
#FollowFriday, How to Play"

I try to respond to all mentions on Friday with a #FF back to my followers to help their ranking in the game. I
also originate at least one message to my active players that  #FF is being played!

If you want to play the game, let me know and I can mention of you to help your points total and your ranking!

If you are playing #FF and would like my help, @ me Twitter or contact me and I will ensure
you get a recommendation or two every Friday to help your game.

So if you want to play, don't play too hard. Let it be fun! A solo shout out with #FF to
@Poet_Carl_Watts is appreciated! Don't do too many
solo shout outs. I'm not sure how they
count them. A few is fine but not too many all to one person.

#FollowFriday, How to Play! to read!

Why to play: New to read!

In case you're curious, here is the page with the official rules of the here!

Carl Watts on
Twitter as:   On Facebook:
Contact on Website
Comment On the Times
I play
#FollowFriday to
help create a
team. This is part
of my effort to
help create a
Please see my
article by
#FollowFriday game Twitter #AwesomeTeam came n 167th from 16.9Million internationally, 17th n USA! Thx4 your support! :-)
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