Photo by the awesome Frank Cunha III.

Poetic Tale by Carl Watts

(I wanted to preface this as it is not my usual style of writing where I attempt to be inspiring and uplifting. Though if you
notice although this tale ends, the subject of it, didn't hang around. That leaves open for imagination. I will leave it to you to
decide if you like or not. Enjoy)

Winter's Night

It was a stark, dark winter's night
The air galed through the trees
Carrying sleet, splinters of ice
Lightening flashed, ...fading fast

I was lost, alone
Hunger is deep, pain
I know I must go on
I stumble again, freezing

As the gale increased, blinding
I struggle up, knees bleeding
It is hard to breath, cold
Same story of ole, freezing

A final gust, falling, falling
Striking the ground, down
Breathing, I could not, no
The pain is gone, death

I can still see the lightening
The thunder is muted
The wind missing entirely
No point hanging around.

The End.

Article ©2012 by Carl Watts/ 4/23/12
Picture Copyright © 2010-2012 Frank Cunha III.
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Poetic Tale "Winter's Night" by Carl Watts below Photo, "Tree Spaghetti", by the awesome Frank Cunha
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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