It's declared universal,
We're born free 'n equal,

No colours are hated,
No type discriminated,

You have the right,
To live your life,

Don't ever be daunted,
You can't be tortured,

The right is yours,
To use the laws,

For all the people,
The law is equal,

If your being fought,
You can use the courts,

You're free of prison,
If you didn't wrong,

Injustice anywhere's everywhere,
A rightful trial is fair,

There's freedom and dignity,
Innocence 'till proved guilty,
With what people see,
You've rights to privacy,

Borders can't trap you,
You're free to move,

If you must run,
You can have asylum,

Your country is security,
You can have nationality,

Loving makes us happy,
You can have a fammily,

You're free of poverty,
You can own property,

For freedom we fought,
You're allowed your thought,

Say what you say,
You can communicate,

Together we can't loose,
We can have groups,

Life's what we agree,
We have democracy,

We help those in need,
There's social security,

We work to survive,
You've got workers rights,

Having fun is okay,
You're free to play,

You've what you need,
To sleep and eat,

You've got information,
You're allowed education,

What you make is yours,
You've copyright and cultures,

Of abuse never fear,
Earth's free and fair,

To others you've duties,
Rights bring responsibilities,

No one, rank or size,
Can take away your human rights,

copyright Fraser Kee Scott 08

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"It's Time to Fight, For Human Rights"
By Fraser Kee Scott
Page 11/13/08
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It's Time to Fight, For Human Rights
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