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Every day, 4700 kids smoke pot for the first time.. Will your kid be next?
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Subject: Deck the Halls, Not Your Hips

Christmas. Sleighbells ringing, Carolers singing and dear Friends bringing----
Chocolates, Sugar Cookies, Peppermint Sticks, Christmas Cakes--and did I mention

Eat protein before you indulge, to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Don't arrive at a
party or celebration too hungry--eat a high protein snack beforehand. Drink plenty of
water to stay hydrated, keep your hands busy, and help you feel satisfied. Eat extra
healthy on the days between celebrations. Concentrate on fresh raw foods and simple
grilled proteins to "balance" the treats. Double up on your exercise by walking more, as
well as extra gym time. If you are going to eat goodies, make sure they are high quality
with the best ingredients, not full of chemicals and artificial flavors.

Most important of all-- Enjoy.  Endow everything you eat with your theta. Surround
yourself with high-toned people. Impart Joy and the Spirit of Peace and Goodwill.

And Have the Merriest, Cheeriest, Healthiest, Brightest Christmas Ever!

Anne Dunev, PhD, C.N.
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