Subject: Once Way to get Accepted into Law School:
H.E.L.P. Miami Tutor Gets Accepted at Law School

This story actually began seven years ago when the school operated out of my house. Jason had just failed
the 7th grade and was having a rough time. His mom heard about my home schooling service and signed him
up. It was a "disaster" from the start. Jason tested out years below grade level, yet claimed that he knew
"everything." When I would quiz him on basic definitions, he did not know them, did not care to know them,
and in some cases had a complete opposite idea of what the word really meant.

Jason did not see the point of using a dictionary, as he "only wanted to pass the tests."

I can recall vividly one instance when his mother turning purple and yelled at me for "wasting his time by
making him look up words." And I can recall me saying over and over how I would not back down from making
sure this boy understood his words.

Both son and mother were very upset and began looking for another school. The mother asked me to test
Jason a month early so that we could get a present time assessment of what he needed. And shock of the
century...after making this boy look up his words hour after hour and day after day with much resistance...he
was up to grade level in all subjects!! (Can I hear a "DUH! I told you so!")

The test results totally put an end to the resistance and the mother apologized. Jason completed the year
testing above grade level and returned to public school. Jason ended up becoming friends with my kids and
even started to call me "Mom."

Last year Jason showed up at H.E.L.P. Miami looking for a job that would allow him to attend college. I told his
mom that I would hire him but only give him the refuse-to-look-up-words-know-it-all-kids. She laughed. (I was
not joking...I gave Jason a few tough ones!)

Jason has worked as a tutor in our middle school and has helped many kids with their math and grammar.

Last week he was accepted into law school. He came to my office to thank me for "everything" and supporting
him even when he was a punk. "Well done" Jason for doing well in school! I am glad you are part of my family
and team!

We will tutor throughout the holiday.  I have a boy who went from an "F" to a "C" in science in under 10 hours.
We are hoping to bring this grade up even higher. We have about 8 kids that get one-on-one tutoring and it is
an excellent way to address a troubled area for students that are not enrolled in this school.

And finally.... H.E.L.P. Miami is a non-profit organization. Your end of the year donations are a welcome gift
that allows us to do more for the children in our community. Thank you!

Barbie Brown-Rivera
H.E.L.P. Miami
13828 SW 56 Street
Miami, Florida 33175
Fax: 305-752-2611

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