Ghost and Bodies

I must admit I used “Ghost” instead of “Spirit” to attract attention. I hope it

On my “
Questions of The Day aka Make You Think" page, I've posed many
questions regarding Ghost, Spirits and bodies. The first entry is a question I
10/27/11. The rest are more recent.

  1. Would you say you're a body, a mind, or a Spirit?
  2. Have You ever found Yourself outside looking at your body?

To get on with the purpose of the article and why I wrote it, I move the rest
of the "Questions" to the end of the article. I hope you get to that point and
read them. They may make you think!

Do I expect you to believe me on my articles?

No. See my explanation near the end of the article below the questions!

In fact, I tried adding a picture of a
Ghost, a selfie, but it turned out blank:-)

How Does an Immortal Spirit Get Out of A Body?

Many people have remarked they were “beside themselves.” It maybe a
comment or it could be that the body was to one side of Being. That would
mean the Being was not in the body but viewing it from one side.

I spoke to one man who told me of looking inside a hospital window to see
the Doctor and Nurse looking at his body inside on the table.

I personally know many people that have no difficulty simply being in a place
not inside the human body.

A question I've asked several times in various forms simple is: Are You a
body, a mind or a Spirit.

The body is a thing. It does have a low order life of its own. It is animated by
the Spirit. That Spirit happens to be Immortal. That is You! You exist!

As an educational point, the mind is simply a collection of mental pictures
which is used by the Spirit to pose and resolve problems of survival of the
body. Immortal Spirits do not survive, they exist.

This sections subtitle is: How Does an Immortal Spirit
Get Out of A Body?

The answer is so simple few ever realize it, they just decide to be
somewhere besides in their head or where ever they are.

Some Beings are too heavily entangled with the past and their body and will
find it difficult if not impossible to just be away from the body. But the
potential exists.

People often have experiences outside the body when they are on drugs or
suffer a shock. There is nothing stopping an I
mmortal Spirit from
being outside of any body. Near death experiences commonly
pop the Spirit outside for a brief time!

At death, Immortal Beings, every single one of you, always exteriorize from
the body, you leave it. You or they may hang around near the body long
after it stops working. That is part of why
graveyards are spooky!

Immortal Beings very often attend their body's funeral. They try to
communicate but their power is down. They are suffering from lose of a
body. And the people they are trying to communicate with are in grief from
the same loss. It is very difficult to communicate with grieving people!

It can be done.
*See my disclaimer at the bottom of the page!

Personal Experience!

Today, I was taking a nap. I'm sleeping and I hear one of my kittens meow. I
decide to ignore the communication.

As I laid there, the cat kept asking for me to open the door but I was not
willing to get up.

I realized that the body was asleep and that I was fully awake and thinking.
This was not a vivid dream.

I enjoyed this experience for about five minutes before I decided to wake up
the body.

Of course what I had not yet realized was my wife wanted some information.
Her telepathic request, which was texted to me, got me to moving. I went
from the bedroom, letting the cat out, to find the text just arrived from my wife.

By the Way:

I looked up “detached from body” and found there was a lot of #psycho
babble about it. They associate the natural abilities of a Spiritual Being with
insanity or drug reactions.

Hence I decided to write this article to provide some information based on
my facts.
*See my disclaimer at the bottom of the page!

The Questions Mentioned at the Beginning Above:

    How often do You find yourself outside your body?
    How much power can an Immortal Being generate from outside his
    Could You just be outside your body?
    What is your education regarding the Soul, Spirit, Ghost, Demons, all
    the same?
    Can a Ghost, Spirit, see, hear etc, how?
    Can a Spirit be trapped in a dead body, why not cremate?
    How can you prove a Spirit, you, exist, you do you know?
    Is it possible to know about the mind, the Spirit, life?
    Can you confront the subject of the mind, the human Spirit?
    Are Spiritual or religious people communistic?
    Can you confront the human Spirit?
    How could you invent/create a god or Spirit?
    Does gravity pull on Spirits, what is gravity?
    How sensible is a freed Spirit?
    How big are You as an Immortal Being?
    Does tyranny seek to eliminate the Spirit and religion?
    How does a Spiritual Being learn about the physical universe?
    Do Spirits, free of bodies, feel emotions?
    Do police or economic control work on a body, a Spirit?
    How can a Spiritual Being that is total cause be at effect?
    Can a Spirit get tired or is that only your body complaining?
    How do you transmute the lead of humanity into the gold of the Spirit?
    Have you ever thought You were more than human?
    Do You know how to be cause over Yourself, even your body?
    If your body is always effect, are You cause?
    Where do You emanate from?

Do I expect you to believe this?

No! I do not expect you to believe anything. Either you are in good enough
condition to see the truth or your are not.

That is not to say you are bad or disable or anything negative. Life as beat
some people more than others.

Even if you don't see the truth, though you may wish to yell its not true, it's
my guess you're just not sure.  This certainly goes directly against may
religious beliefs.

What is true for you is truth regardless of anything I say or anyone else!

It's okay not to believe, understand or track with me at all.

A Final Note: Religions

All religions are based on some truth. There are many sweeping truths out
there! Some religions are more workable than others.

I respect all religions. I get various communications routinely asking me to
support the author's religious groups.

I can not support any religion that is not completely workable. I know what I

Anyone is free to believe and can believe anything they wish. They can have
faith in anything or anyone. People should have faith or be faith.

Mystery For You:-)

How does any form of "Life" such as you and I ever control any piece of
matter, energy, space or time? All bodies are made of matter, energy, space
and time nicely formed up!

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