Giving Thanks

There are many people today that feel they do not have much to give thanks
for. To those people, I can understand and empathize.

I know for a fact that they will not agree with me when I say, they created their

No! But they do blame others, the
Government, their neighboring country, the
weather and so on. The very action of blaming is a denial of responsibility. It is
a statement that "I am weak and can't control my environment".

Blaming actually assign their power to the person, object or situation they are
blaming. Fact! Thus blaming makes them weaker and the problems stronger.

So it is time for them to do something about their problems as blaming NEVER
made things better.

Life is a Game

Everyone is in the game of life. How we play the game of life, if we play at all,
varies from person to person.

People living in life and death struggles every minute are still living.

They do have the option of not living but that's scares them because they are
convinced death will be the end of everything They believe death is the end
despite religions that tell them there is a Heaven or Hell to go to after death.

Actually, I figure if you're looking for hell and found Earth, you could stop

The Positive Side

I know many happy people. In fact, if life was as bad as the media makes it out
to be, life would quit!

I'm happy and healthy. Those facts probably annoys or infuriates some people.

The fruit I grew in my garden is delicious! The blossoms on the trees and
flowers are beautiful.

That cute lady working at Starbucks, her smile lights up the room. Yes, I visit
Starbucks most days of the week!

My wife is a tremendous pleasure to have around!

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Find the Beauty.


Traditionally, this day was set aside to give thanks for the bounties of the land
and life.

I believe you should do this regardless of your state of existence.

If you pray, do so. Give thanks and ask a better life for yourself, your family,
for humanity and our planet.

If you do not pray, envision a better life for yourself, your family, for humanity
and our planet.


I am thankful for my many friends and supporters. You have made
#AwesomeTeam awesome!

I have tremendous
affinity and affection for you.

Do let me know if I can assist you.

I personally believe

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