Government, What is It?                      02/06/2014

I was asked for a definition of government. My thoughts went in many

Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Monarch, Dictatorship, Fascism,
Anarchy are all “form of governments.”

Each of these operate with different principles. At least on the surface, they
operate differently.

What is Common to all Governments?

Government is the force that occupies areas where individuals and or
groups have not effectively exerted their responsibility.

For example, making roads is done by governments locally or nationally.
Why is that?

No individual can afford the huge cost of making roads for everyone's use.
So everyone pays a little and government builds our roads.

In theory this is a great idea. However the moment someone's insanity
enters the picture, it gets not so good.

The greatest good would be to construct a great lasting road. For some
greedy criminal, the biggest kickback is the priority.

Then the construction companies, their owners, commit crimes. First the
kickbacks which are illegal. Then they construct inferior roads to increase
their profits.

The public get screwed coming and going. The roads being inferior are
immediately in need of costly on going repairs.

Of course there are supposed to be inspectors and regulators to prevent
exactly these things, but who is watching them. The crimes seem to go to
the top.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to
remain silent." Edmund Burke

Insanity is Defined as No Responsibility.

So the government takes over the area of no responsibility left to it by the

NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE. Thus government is insane.

There are exceptions, many. Individuals go to work in government and
intend to do a stellar job.

Some do. Even the best run into rampant incompetence because the
employees are not responsible, insane.

A Government is a Large Insanity.

Democracy where the people should have some input is the least insane
form of government. I ask you who is responsible for the government?

Socialism gives much more control to an insane government full of people
that are not responsible and could care less as long as they get paid.

Communism takes everything from the people and we have worse than a
serfdom. At least sometimes the owners of the land realized the workers,
surfs/slave, have to eat too.

In communism, the broad insanity keeps inspection of fact from spreading
out and is doomed to fail for both the government and the people.

In all the above forms of government, who is responsible for the
government? Certainly not the guy who is the "head" of that government.

Dictatorship, Royalty, or Fascism are all poor forms of “government”.

Normally they are a “rule by force” operation.  We have that in America

Only rarely will a Monarch care for his people and rule fairly with justice.
Hitler didn't do this. Most kings in history were murders at best. Even if a
King or Emperor should be just, his successor may be strictly insane and

It seems the irresponsible human is doomed to be “governed” by mad men.

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BE Responsible.

No matter where you are in the world, you have choices. Mind you any of
one of those choices maybe your last. But only so many people can be killed
before, the governing mad men are killed too.

If no one takes a stand, the mad men keep “governing”.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to
remain silent." Edmund Burke

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