Governments, Solution For

First let me define and then redefine government for you. Bear with me just a

A government is a group of people that establish and administer policies and

I'd like to give an additional definition:

A government is an unthinking machine!

As a machine, it does not think or response to emergencies correctly. The
people who are supposed to be running the government are completely out
of communication with the people. As an unthinking machine it reacts and we
get the Patriot Act and an on going endless war!

Government employees are robots within the machine.

No one is doing any live thinking!

Machines can not deal with live communication. Only living people can do

Our robotic politicians, for the most part, can not deal with live people. They
don't see most of the communication sent to them as their underlings
robotically send out form responses for them. No one is being responsible.

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Live Communication

How do you get into communication with a government, with any thing? You
start communicating! Start slow, do not expect a quick response. Keep your
first communications very light, talk about the weather or something not

Every time, I communicate a bit with someone they become real to me. In
turn, by communicating, I become real to them. Normally we become friends.

How many politicians are you friends with? How about their clerks, are you
friends with them?

Who is in communication with your government, are you?

So they are out of communication with us. We are out of communication with

We have been silent too long!

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What is your Job? Who do you work for?

Those questions require thought.

A simple compliment, “I liked your speech” or “that was a nice tie you wore!”
would get a probable response!

Very important, when you start communication, keep it very light, gentle. Do
not use an attack to start a communication!

I think questions are better for establishing communication and thought. For
example, “What did you mean by....” “What is the future of...” “Do you know
the statistics for...” “How is your health, your wife, dog...”

If we can get them to realize we are out here and alive, they might do some
actual thinking themselves.

Thinking people do not work well in an automatic

It is my conclusion that enough communication with our governments on all
levels will cause them to think and crash the machine.

This applies to every government anywhere. They are all machines.

Machines can not deal with live people. It takes live people to do that. Live
people are represented and made known by live communication.

It doesn't matter what form the communication is: Email, letters, calls,
petitions... The trick is to get a volume of good communication to arrive so
they have to respond.

A point that needs to be made, government employees are humans just like
everyone else. They have been beaten down by the very thing they work for.

With some effort, you can get into communication with a person that works
for government!

Reality and Sanity

People that are out of communication with life are to that degree insane.

When I am here, observable, and unreal to someone, what does that say
about their sanity?

But if I send live communication to them and they notice me, I become more
real. They become that much saner!

So by communicating, we can eliminate the machine and have more sane
people. Sane people will feel compassion for us. They will attempt to do the
right thing more often. They will seek not to be robots.

Life will improve!

What to Communicate?

I do not suggest making them wrong. They already know when they are
messing up. Making them wrong puts them on defensive and they use
automatic robotic responses including force.

The occupy movement was a live communication. It was an attack on Wall
Street and status quo. As the establishment perceived it as an "attack," it
was met with violence. I haven't seen a lot of positive change. I did read DHS
purchased 450+ million rounds of amo!

The government or police almost always perceive a large crowd as hostile.
They want to stop all motion. So crowds are viewed as mobs by police and
government that can't tell the difference.

Any thing viewed as attacking them, insulting them, making them wrong will
not cause thinking. It may cause a reaction that would not be pleasant.
Attacking them would leave the machine, government running like it is now.
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When they think we are attacking them, we are spotted specifically as

All evidence points to the machine getting more robotic. Robotic machines
have no understanding, do not care about life or suffering.

Big Corporations

Almost all big corporations are robotic. BP, Exxon, Monsanto, Dupont, Lilly,
General Motors and so on are machine operations. They hire advertising
agencies to lie to us. Their employees are out of communication with the
executives and mankind.

We are not real to them. If we were real as humans, they quit supporting the
poisoning of the population and planet!

Employees of these destructive evil companies must not be able to see it's
their planet. They must not see it is their air, their children and grandchildren
they are poisoning! It makes me suspect their sanity! Perhaps they are all on
drugs and insane.

Would you tell your friends you worked for monsanto or bp?

All the “elite” are out of communication with their companies. They are
probably out of communication with their family and friends. Probably all of
their communication is robotic reactive responses.

We are not real to the elite. The elite are very insane. See related article:
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Live communication can change them. Again, start very light, gentle!

Enough live communication can change anything including our future!

The wrong thing to do is NOTHING! That's what they want!

Cause and Effect

Let me explain this all in a different way.

In communication, the point where a communication comes from is cause. I
sent a communication to someone, I am cause point for that communication.

The receiving point is effect. For example, I say hello to you, I am cause. You
hear and you're effect.

Then you say hi and you're now cause and I'm effect.

What happens when the government machine issues a new law, policy,
directive, tax, ruling, or takes action, etc. The machine is being cause. You
become EFFECT!

Arresting citizens, they don't like, is an action and is a communication. It puts
the machine in a cause position.

To become CAUSE, you have to communicate to the machine. Anything!

As I mention, I'd suggest asking questions. By asking you become CAUSE!

How Politicians See You is another view of this situation. I urge my solution
given here.

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The Future and Communication

I have observed huge numbers of my friends who do not think that life is as
pleasant as it should be.

I fully intend to change the way things are going.

I need help!

Will you join me in communicating with our respective governments or a

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Communication can handle the problems of nations and

It requires doingness of more than one person!

#Atomic bomb, #fluoride poisoning of your water, #chemtrails, #GMOs, what
are you doing about them?

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